Affiliate Jargon

After a lot of thinking, I decided to start being an affiliate for some companies and possibly make a tiny amount of money from my blog. Most likely, it will be a paltry amount of money and will barely cover my expenses to keep this blog running, but my hope is that it will take the pressure of my husband and help satisfy my fabric hoarding tendencies :)

This, of course, is a sewing blog. I will never ever write about something that isn’t sewing related. I will still be posting about the same stuff I always have, but some of the links that I would have linked to anyway will actually have a referral code attached and if you click it and maybe buy from it, I will get a tiny percent of the cost :)

Nothing about my blog content will change, there will still be PLENTY of posts and links that aren’t affiliates, just stuff that I like and want to share :)

As of this moment in time, I have only have an affiliate relationship with two companies:

Compagnie M, who I’ve always loved and supported. Actually it was Marte opening up the possibility of affiliates that made me think “hey, why am I not doing this? HELL YES.”



Amazon, because seriously, I think I’ll probably get a nice hefty check just from the amount of stuff JAKE buys from them all the dang time. At least we’ll be getting a percentage back if he remembers to use my link, lol! For real, I just broke down 4 Amazon boxes yesterday while cleaning the house. We get deliveries every other dang day. That man is a serious online shopper. Think I could get affiliated for his drunken late night Ebay purchases as well? ha

***EDIT*** Apparently amazon knows who my family and close friends are and will not compensate me for their purchases :(  Boo!!


If I sign up with anyone else, I’ll add them to this page and I’ll always disclose in my post that there are links.