The Soleil Dress, An Oldie But A Goodie!

This weekend, I got bit by the most serious sewing bug!! Would you even believe I made THREE dresses? One for Millie and two for Nova… I guess I was making up for lost time since I feel like I haven’t made anything in ages. I’ll talk about the third one first, though, because Nova is home with me and I got some super cute pictures of it (and her) today ;)

This is the adorable Soleil dress by Baste + Gather. I made one for Millie last year, and I LOVE IT. I was planning on making one for Nova early on, but the sizes start at 12 months so I had to wait a little bit.

I bought this ridiculously cute Japanese organic baby fabric when I was pregnant from Bunny’s Designs here in Austin. That place has some of the most adorable fabric ever! I needed to make sure to use it quickly before Nova was too old for it, though! What’s cute on a baby is sometimes not at all cute on a toddler, let’s be serious ;)

So about the dress, I had forgotten how quick and easy it is to throw together. I also forgot how much I friggen LOVE sewing with knits! So fast, SO satisfying! Millie was freaking out telling all her friends, “Mommy can sew a dress in HALF A DAY!!”  Let’s be real, it took like 2 hours. Hahahaha! It is so sweet how proud she is, though  :)

The back detail is seriously what I love about this dress. I love me some baby backs! So soft, so tickly, I just want to go up and kiss/eat/tickle that back every time I see it <3

The pockets are sweet too, but seriously, what is an 8-month-old going to do with a pocket? Just look adorable, I guess! I’m okay with that!

I need to get back to sewing knits more often, I really enjoy the dickens out of it.. Does anyone have any knit patterns they love? Women’s or kid’s would make me happy!!

Anywho, my goodness, how is this little girl eight months already?? Time is flying by way too fast. She is seriously one of the happiest babies I’ve ever seen and her personality is starting to blossom into a silly little love angel. I’m a super lucky mom!!! I just have to leave you with this hilarious picture of one of Nova Pearl’s best scrunch faces<3

3 thoughts on “The Soleil Dress, An Oldie But A Goodie!

  1. Oh my gosh, she could not be any cuter!!! Ridiculous, off the charts levels of cute happening here! I love that the back opening shows BABY BACK CHUB. Gah. I die.

    If you love sewing knits, you might enjoy Ottobre magazine! That is where I get the bulk of my knit patterns these days – yes, it’s a bit expensive having them shipped to me from Finland (ahem) but there so many amazing patterns and options in every issue! And always some fun, fresh detail to try. The instructions are minimal but get the job done. For really great instructions, I love Titchy Thread’s knit patterns.

    1. Aww thanks!! I know I can barely handle her!!
      I keep hearing of Ottobre but I’ve never actually seen one, I’ll have to look into that!!! Thanks for the suggestions!

  2. Aww she’s so cute!! And she looks so happy in her new dress! I love Sewing with knits too, and would second the Ottobre recommendation. I also love the See Kate Sew recess Raglan for kids, I make them all the time!

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