Compagnie M’s New Noa Pants!

I was so excited to have been chosen as one of the testers for Marte from Compagnie M‘s new pattern, the Noa Pants!!! (Ooh, look! There is a coupon code at the bottom :D) They look adorable on both girls AND boys, which is SO FRIGGEN FANTASTIC I can’t even explain it. There are so few patterns out there that I can sew for both kids! It is a really fast project with very cute pocket details that you can customize in lots of ways with different color fabrics :)  I’m obviously a fan of all the Compagnie M patterns, I’ve sewn so many of them! She is starting to create a series of “special basics”, which is awesome! They will be easy to sew patterns with no difficult closures or techniques (no zippers, no welt pockets, etc) and they will only be 5 Euros! (The current exchange rate puts that at $5.66, which is great!)

Noa Pants

With summer here in Texas, I decided to make the shorts version instead of the pants. (Nice that there is an option for both!) Quinn is aways lacking in the shorts department, I don’t know what it is about boys that dirties up bottoms so much, but I find that drawer is always empty and the laundry basket is always full! So I was so happy to be able to add a couple new pairs to his arsenal.

Noa Pants

These plaid ones were the second pair I sewed  after the pattern was tweaked a bit in the testing version. Here is a picture of the first and second pairs comparing the 2 fits (and how awesome testing really is and how much it helps to perfect a pattern!)

Noa Pants

Do you see how the first ones were a bit too loose around the hips and pockets? That all got carved out and fixed, now they are perfect! Don’t get me wrong, the first draft was totally wearable, as a matter of fact he is wearing those little blue whale ones today :D

Noa Pants

I’m happy Quinn decided to bend over and show off how I tried to stripe match this plaid, LOL! But really.. I was close, but I’m going to blame this pregnancy on the mishaps there.. One thing this picture really DOES show is the awesome fact that these pants fit really well and don’t show off his little crack when he bends over ;)

Noa Pants

I was having a difficult time trying to figure out how to show off shorts in photos, so I tucked Quinn’s shirt in, which kind of makes me laugh because I’m so not used to seeing him with tucked shirts. When it wasn’t tucked though, he kept lifting it up, like ALL THE WAY up coving his face to show off the shorts for the pictures, haha! I figured that would not be the best for blog photos!

Noa Pants

Speaking of blog photos, there really aren’t many good ones today! As I was taking pictures, I accidentally stepped on an anthill D: I was very lucky to have smothered myself with Skin So Soft oil before going outside (hello fear of Zika while pregnant!) So as I got my first bite, I looked down to about ONE HUNDRED fire ants on my feet and legs, I brushed them off, but I could tell they were trying and failing to actually bite through the oil, which is amazing!! Somehow I got away with only 15 bites (which was still horrible) but it could have been MUCH, MUCH worse than that so I’m thanking my lucky stars :) It is amazing how regular mosquito repellent doesn’t work on me, but if I grease myself up, I’m good.. Who knew it was good for ants too!?

Noa Pants

Anywho, I’m looking forward to making a couple more pairs of these.. For some reason, they are a little addicting!  Of course, it is no secret that I love a fast and satisfying project! Millie rarely wears pants, but I think she would really like these in a nice soft fabric like a voile or gauze or something. The thing that is so awesome is that these pants are actually fun and easy to make! I always tend to shy away from kid’s patterns with zip flys because it just seems like a lot of tiny fiddly work for something that will be grown out of very quickly. But regular elastic waists tend to look boring.. The pockets on these really make them stand out from the crowd and turn them into something special!

Noa Pants

So there we have it, the new Noa Pants pattern!! And right now you can get 10% off using the code: NOA10 which will be valid until June 19th :) I love discounts, who doesn’t?? lol!

I hope to see a lot of these around, all the ones I’ve seen so far have been amazing!

11 thoughts on “Compagnie M’s New Noa Pants!

  1. I saw that pattern come out and loved it right away. Yours are adorable too! I’m just hesitating because my girls almost never wear pants. They will wear leggings and E will sometimes wear pants but only if they’re made from knits. All her woven ones stay in the drawer, even the stretch woven ones. Still, I’m tempted… They’re just so cute!

    1. I know what you mean, Millie is SUCH a dress girl!! But sometimes she surprises me, I feel like if I let her pick out the fabric then she will get excited about it and wear them (sneaky mom). All the ones I’ve seen on the girls have been SO cute, especially with the elastic poofed hem, I want to see her in a pair so bad lol!

      1. I did try that! I made her two pairs of Jalie pull on jeans. I took her to Mood and she picked her fabrics. Then, when I made them, I fit them on her so that they would be exactly like she wanted. And she never wears them! (I actually think the seam allowances bother her. She wanted a very skinny leg so the seam allowance is always against her skin.) I’m thinking now that I’ll just make what I want and if she wears it, fine but if she doesn’t, oh well.

  2. Those are so cute! Thanks for sharing these. I love the plaid…where did you get it? I’m going to get the pattern and make some up for grandson #1. He turned 5 yesterday and I’m going up there in August so I can take some with me in my luggage. Also found out yesterday that gbaby #3 is a boy! So the boy shorts I make will get a lot of wear.

    Anyone who doesn’t live in South Texas cannot understand the term Fire Ant. Fire Ant mounds pop up everywhere after rains. For the non-native Texan, they are tiny ants that really pack a serious bite! The bite feels like someone is pinching your skin with the sharpest fingernails and they leave a red bump with a tiny white pus blister on the top. And OH HOW THEY ITCH!! Girl, if you stepped in a mound, then you’re lucky you only got 15 bites. Bless your heart. Topical Benadryl always helped me with those, after getting rid of the blister of course. Miserable.

    1. Thank you! Congratulations on your future grandson!!! I bought this fabric in NY at that place Chic Fabrics that I love so much, it was $5 a yard and is awesome, there is some stretch to it and it is really great quality.. I bought it like 3 or so years ago and I’m glad I waited to sew it because it works perfect with these shorts! But I’m sure any old plaid will do them justice!
      I didn’t even realize that people reading wouldn’t understand fire ants! Yes, it could have and SHOULD have been much, much worse than it was! So scary, we have fire ant piles all around our house, I had just put poison on a mound in our front yard that morning, I think they were pissed that I killed their friends so they came to attack me! (or more I was a distracted photographer who is a total idiot!) I iced them and put apple cider vinegar on them and thankfully they came to a head after a day or two and I popped all that poison out to find SUCH RELIEF. If I don’t pop those bites, they itch uncontrollably for over a month, they are horrible. I hate ants and they all need to die :p

  3. What a good model!! These are so cool, such great wee details. I haven’t bought any new patterns in ages but I’m definitely going to get these now.

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