Beverly Twisted Bikini Body Confidence

Beverly Twisted Bikini

Late this summer I got really obsessed with making a new swim suit. My bombshell has been worn so much it is falling apart at the seams. Buying bathing suits is SUCH torture for me that I really would much rather make one. I searched all over trying to find a style I might like, and for some reason making a bikini was what I wanted to do. I have no idea what was possessing me, I still have a lumpy mom body and really don’t feel all that confident, but it was what I wanted…

Beverly Twisted BikiniAnyways, I found the Beverly Twisted Bikini from Named patterns and decided that was going to be the one! I searched all over the interwebs for someone who may have sewn it with bigger breasts than an A, with not much avail. I decided that I would take one for the team and see if the suit worked well for someone with huge knockers. For research’s sake, I’ll divulge that I usually fall somewhere around 34 DDDD or a 32 G, depending on the bra.

Beverly Twisted Bikini

This suit REALLY is drafted for the tiny- tittied. When I printed and taped the pattern, it was like strings over my nipples. It was ridiculous. I wondered how in the world this suit actually fit humans. SO without being deterred, I decided to try to give this bikini top an FBA… Although, the shape is so weird I had NO IDEA how to go about this properly. I wanted to make sure the gap in the middle wasn’t too obscene. I’d seen a few online that were a bit too wide for my tastes. So I just kind of redrew the lines using my eyeballs as a gauge. I added 2 inches on the inside cleavage part and 1/2 inch to the tops of the sides. The dart also had to be moved so it would be at my apex.

Beverly Twisted Bikini

I blindly bought cups at Joanne’s, thinking they would offer me a bit more support. The biggest cup size I could find was a C, so they are a little weird, plus I didn’t realize when I bought them (they came in a hard plastic package) that they were seriously SHAPED and hard. I really wanted to make this suit though, so I figured, whatever, it will work! My boobs feel like torpedos. As for the fabric, I bought it at Spandex House in NYC when I was there this summer. Apparently I can’t get away from peacock feather swim suits. I love them too much.

Beverly Twisted Bikini

As for the bottoms, I really like that twist detail, but I have that mommy tummy, where things below the belly button are like whoa- no, no. Plus there are scars from gallbladder surgery and other things. So I decided to raise the waistline 3 inches to the belly button and make it more modest. I also lengthened the twist detail, which oddly enough was kind of difficult to figure out. I mean, it is just a tube, right? I probably should have widened it as well, but I figured it out. Good thing swimsuit fabric stretches! The rear end is a bit cheeky, I prefer more coverage on the caboose, but it is okay. I also should have considered that my waist is smaller than my hips- it is a bit too loose there.

Beverly Twisted Bikini

After I made this, I put it on and walked downstairs to show Jake. He was not really impressed. “It is so high waisted. Is that, like, a thing?” UM yes it is a “thing!” Ladies, do all men hate high waists? The ones I know aren’t fans.. Is this one of those looks that only girls like?

Beverly Twisted Bikini

I’ve worn this suit once. I didn’t feel that confident. I really like the top and think I could perfect it with better cups inside and also maybe a wider band under it.. but the bottoms made me feel terrible. They also got kind of wonky when wet, but that was due to me feeling weird about all the under butt cleavage and the too loose waist. Good thing I was just on the boat with family and close friends and not in a super public place like a beach or pool! (of course, what is more public than the world wide web? I’m a weirdo and I don’t make sense) Although, looking at these photos, I don’t think I look half bad in it!

Beverly Twisted Bikini

I think I will try to tweak all the bits on this suit that need work, but seriously, you know what makes blogging awesome? I was totally like “meh” before I took these pictures, but now I’m kind of like “huh”. I think I’ll actually wear this more often! Who knew micro inspecting pictures of yourself in a bikini and putting them online could actually make you feel BETTER and MORE confident about yourself? Insanity. I kind of hope this post inspires people to do the same!

9 thoughts on “Beverly Twisted Bikini Body Confidence

  1. Really nice. I’ve made this but didn’t post pics anywhere. I did also make some modifications both planned and ad hoc. I’m a 32C and was worried about coverage so I tried to FBA by swinging the dart out wider. I guess it worked and the shape I ended up is similar to yours. I did increase the under bust band width, don’t know if that was necessary but it works alright. I didn’t add cups but found the side bonding and some careful arranging I like the fit. It’s a bit of a compression sporty fit on me, but I’m fine with that. The bottoms I found the crotch length was just too long and narrow, I just took about a 1″ tuck out at the center through all layers. I assume this is something that would never be visible but next time I would transfer it to the pattern. On me the rise is about to the navel, like yours, so I left that as-is and I like it. I did use wider elastic at the waist and added enough SA to accommodate that.

    But way too much about my suit, yours looks great and I’m sure you could work out the last frustrations in a second version. I’ve found when cutting elastic for myself, e.g. the waistband, I need to compare my actual measurement to the fabric measurement and must cut a bit smaller than the fabric even if my waist is larger, that’s what the stretch is for. But stretching the fabric to match a larger elastic never works out. Don’t know if this happened with yours, but it does look like you need a smaller elastic length.

    1. Thanks! I know it looks like I stretched the spandex to fit the elastic, I didn’t do that, but the directions said to *not* stretch the elastic, which went against my better judgement.. Next time for sure I will stretch the elastic just a little bit and definitely cut it smaller. There is no way I would be able to get away with not using cups, even with the boning (which WAS super fun to work with and burn, lol) I’ll just have to go online to source bigger (and softer) ones in the future.. You should put your suit online somewhere! One of the reasons I posted it was because I only saw 4 versions online and one of those was the model! (the others COULD have been models) It always helps to see what others have done.

  2. I think you look awesome in that suit! And your post had me laughing. I’m a 40C myself and usually my cup runneth over unless I’m in some type of bandeau top (I’m more sides than droop). Take a look at Kwik Sew 3609. It has a double layer top and the wrinkles hide any nipping. I made the tankini shorter than the pattern called for and it’s adorable. You can add some elastic in the bottom band and skip the “dress” for a bandeau top. As for your high waist bottoms? Looks great and good job on the twisty front. The reason that hubs doesn’t like the high waist as much as you do is because …well…Here’s a little secret about men. (leaning in with a whisper..) They don’t see what we see! Isn’t that awesome?! That’s a gift from Mother Nature. :) Once I dated a guy who was a “bottom man” and not a “chest guy”. I dumped him faster than you can change a bobbin! I mean, ‘come on! One day I’m going to need a get out of jail free card, amiright? LOL

    I too am on the hunt for a new suit. I have a RTW tankini I adore that’s falling apart and I think I’m going to do a rub off pattern from it. Now is the time to glom up some end-of-bolt Lycra and I’ll make a couple before summer next year. Maybe I can find some peacock feathers!

    1. Lol! Sometimes men make no sense :)
      Bandeau tops don’t really work for me, I need a little lift for these bad boys! Its a cute suit, though! You should totally rub a pattern from your suit before it gets too worn! It is so hard to have a bathing suit that you actually love! What a great idea to buy the fabric when it is out of season, I never do that, ha! And yeah peacock feathers forever! lol

  3. I think the suit looks great one and I love the bottom! :) I’m in the “well-endowed” camp myself so I was really glad when I found your blog through the SMS SOSM. Please keep posting pattern reviews/recommendations because I’m always scared to buy/sew anything for myself because of this problem! (As in, the patterns say things like, “We have sizes up to a D cup!”, as if that’s really big.) I do need to learn how to do a FBA.

    1. Thank you so much! Lol yes, D cups are tiny in my eyes! FBAs are actually quite easy once you’ve done a few and they really make all the difference in the world! And I totally understand, I feel like I’m always searching for bloggers who have a similar body to mine to see if something might look good, but so many bloggers have such perfect bodies they might as well be models!

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