I know, I KNOW!!!

ANOTHER Emery dress!!

Another Emery Dress

But for real, when you love a fabric, you want to make sure you are sewing up a pattern you know is awesome, right?

I bought this amazing Cotton and Steel double gauze at The Cloth Pocket here in Austin. The buying experience in itself was wonderful, I freakin’ love that store. All the wonderful ladies there tried to occupy Quinn while I perused, and I was there for an hour, just hanging out. It was awesome. I had a hard time deciding on the colorway, either mustard or pink, but in the end, the pink won :)

Another Emery Dress

I bought 2 yards because the other double gauze emery I made was squeaked by with just that. Now I don’t know who I sold my soul to on that other dress, but 2 yards just WAS NOT GOING TO WORK this time. I spent 2 days trying to manipulate the pattern pieces on the fabric to get a dress but it just wasn’t going to happen. So I improvised. Luck be it, the pinks in the flowers on the other double gauze I had (Nani Iro) left over from my other emery matched the pink on the dress PERFECTLY. So I cut some panels and gussied up the zipper area. I am a fool and STILL you can see the white selvage of the pink next to the blue, but whatever, that is just another design element of awesome home sewn clothes, right??

Another Emery Dress

It was a fairly easy hack, I just drew a line where I wanted the blue fabric to be on the pattern piece, then measured my seam allowances on either side. I simply folded the pattern to cut the proper fabric.Another Emery Dress

I gathered the skirt this time, just to make sure all my clothes are just slightly different (and to be real, I was feeling lazy), but honestly I kind of wish I pleated it.. OH well, it’s not like I’m going to unpick it and fix it, I’ll still wear it and and still love it with the gathers. But I’m not really the biggest fan of poof in my belly area… Although, looking at these pictures, everything seems to be laying down quite nice!

Another Emery Dress

Again, I used some leftover bias binding I had from my first quilt I made for the neck and arm holes.. Obviously I had NO idea what I was doing when I made that binding because I have used it SO MUCH, there must have been like 100 yards of it, but that has proven to be extremely helpful in all my latter projects so YAY! The pockets are made with extra voile I had left over from a dress I made Millie last year. It is great since the voile is a bit slippery on a sticky gauze dress, they work perfectly. It sure is fun being able to use whatever you have on hand to make something awesome for yourself! Hooray for being a fabric hoarder!

Another Emery Dress

Quinn got upset at Millie being my photographer, but she ended up getting some cute pictures of me consoling him, I love his little hand around my neck here as I’m pointing out the birds :)

8 thoughts on “I know, I KNOW!!!

  1. Great dress, it really suits you – and I’m with you on the pink! The contrasting fabric is definitely a design feature, so say it with confidence as if it was in the original plan!

  2. Aww thanks! I’m pretty simplistic with my general style so collars aren’t really my thing, but I figure switching out the fabric does well enough for me:) mostly I like switching things up so I don’t get bored sewing the same thing :) I think the other one was a tiny bit more generous, where this was cut exactly 2 yards. Oh well, it all worked out in the end!

  3. you did such a good job with emery! mine turned out kind of square in an unusually uncool way — maybe I cut it too loose or something–meh. you and your talented photography and tiny-armed production crew have inspired me to get back on the emery horse. thanks for taking the time to be inspiring. Cheers!

    1. Aww thank you!! I kind of want to see yours! I made a few muslins before I was happy with the end result, but now I’m sort of obsessed with the Emery, you should totally try again!! And this comment has inspired ME to get my lazy arse back in front of my 5 year old photographer to document my latest one :)

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