Fashion Inspired Fitness and Motivational Pants!

I’ve been finding ZERO motivation to work out lately. I THINK about it, but that is basically as far as I get. I had to quit my gym membership a while back because Quinn does NOT do well in the child care center there and the most I ever was able to work out before they called me down to get him was 17 minutes. The shortest was 6 minutes. (did they even try that time??)


I think part of my problem is that I felt like I had nothing to wear. Please don’t tell me how silly that is, since I would just be exercising at home. I KNOW! I’m ridiculous. But then I remembered that free pattern by Spit up and Stilletos that I grabbed a while back, the Matilda leggings. And then I remembered all that extra fabric I had left over from when I made that Bombshell bathing suit last year.

motivation pants



And can you believe it worked?? I sewed these up late Wednesday night, then ACTUALLY USED THEM on Thursday!! AND THEN USED THEM AGAIN ON FRIDAY! I’M ON A ROLL, PEOPLE!!! My life is about to change and it has EVERYTHING to do with these pants!

motivation pants

They were so incredibly easy and fast to make. There are only 2 pattern pieces, one for the legs and one for the waistband. I LOVE how there are no side seams, easy to sew and it doesn’t break up the gorgeous peacock feathers.

motivation pants
Yikes, looks like I found something I need to work on :P

I made the size M, but I probably should have gone with the L… I ALWAYS find that clothes are too big on me when I go with my measurements, and I figured since I was sewing with spandex it would be fine. And it totally IS fine, I’m just wondering if they would have been better a smidgen bigger..

"mommy, close your eyes!"
“mommy, close your eyes!”

Speaking of spandex, is that even the proper fabric to use for workout pants? LOL. I don’t even know.. All I know is that whatever it is, these things have totally given  me the juice I needed to start getting fit and healthy again! YAY!!!!

What about you? What motivates you to get off your tushy and start getting healthy?

6 thoughts on “Fashion Inspired Fitness and Motivational Pants!

  1. Whelp, I’ve just downloaded this. Can’t wait to make something!! I have a sparkly grey knit that can only be yoga pants. :D

  2. They’re so fun! I find that nice looking exercise clothes help me too (though I haven’t actually made any yet). I would love to get 3 workouts in every week but I seem to be stuck at 2. I’m pretty good at getting those 2 in. If I don’t, my back starts hurting again (I injured my back years ago and since then, if I don’t do core strengthening exercises on a regular basis, the pain creeps back in).

    1. That sucks about your back but good for you having the motivation to be consistent! I’ve never really been an active person so I have to stretch myself mentally to exercise

      1. Eh, I figure my back is just pushing me to do what I needed to do anyway, you know? As long as I work on my core twice a week most weeks, I have no pain whatsoever. Gotta think positive, right?

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