2014, 2015 Awesomeness

Well hello, 2015!

I had made some New Years resolutions, one of which was to blog more.. Apparently I’m totally slacking ALREADY since it is the 10th of January and this is only my first post of the year.. OOPS.

Things have been crazy here lately! I know I haven’t posted a single thing since the beginning of the holidays, life gets a little hectic around the holidays :) We had my family come stay with us for over 2 weeks, that made it 8 people living under one roof! I know it sounds insane, but it was really fun and I was very sad when they all went home. Seriously, they second they walked out the door it was SO QUIET. And it has taken me over a week to clean up the house in the aftermath! I’ll be honest, it still isn’t clean. HA!

Anyways, even though I haven’t posted anything, I did do a lot of gift sewing! Unfortunately I took zero photos!! What is wrong with me??? I think I was trying to “live in the moment” more recently…  I’ll list them off here though :)

I made Millie’s school teachers little make up bags and stuffed them with nice hand lotion and lip balms since skins get dry in the winter. No pics. I thought about taking photos, but it just didn’t end up happening. They looked real nice, I promise! And sewing them up made me remember how I actually do enjoy sewing little bags, they are super fast and rewarding projects  :)

I sewed up some cute unicorn head bands out of felt for Millie and my niece Evie. I had made one for Millie, then Evie went to see Santa and apparently the only thing she told him that she wanted was a unicorn head band (I was planning on making one for her anyway) so Christmas morning I whipped one up in a flash so she could have one too :) There is ONE picture of this, ha! No details, of course. These were fast and dirty, my friends.

unicorn headbands

I made my dad a rice neck warmer for his birthday, I used a really soft flannel and put some lavender essential oils in it so it would be relaxing. I made a nice U shape that curved a bit inward at the ends so it would fit a neck neatly and comfortably.  My mother swiftly stole it, hahaha, even yesterday she said she’s been using it every day. Poor dad! Looks like I’ll be making another one and sending it in the mail!

My friend Jen (HI, JEN!) told me “So last year, you made me an awesome infinity scarf. You better step it up this year” LOL I find it hilarious how awesomely direct she is. Anyways, the Julia sweater is right up her ally so I made her one. She promised me she would model it for the blog which means there WILL be some photos in the future of that one :) The fabric I found was SO JEN I just couldn’t handle it :)

Last, but not least, I made an awesome shirt for Jake. He also took the direct approach. “Hey since I fund your sewing addiction, maybe you could make something for me one day”.. Oops! It took a lot of time and effort for this one and I’m pretty proud of it!! It is always hard for him to find collared shirts that fit him properly since he has a broad chest, so things are often either tight there or they fit his chest and bellow out too much around his waist. He was super happy to finally have a shirt tailored exactly for his body :) I will force him to model this for me too. Maybe this weekend :)

There are lots of sewing related things I’m excited for! I’m currently sewing up some Jaime Jeans from Named, which honestly are destroying me.. I hope to finish them up this weekend.. The waistband will be the death of me. But I am in desperate need for new pants so I’m excited about finishing them and hopefully they will be wearable!

I joined my local quilt shop’s Block of the Month thingy, which I’m super excited about. Honestly, after the annoyance of this waistband issue I’m having, I’m excited to just sew a few straight lines for quilt piecing! Plus I’ve never done a BOM before and I’m excited to learn some new blocks!

This Christmas also made us realize we are ONE blanket short in this family, which means to me that it is time to make a quilt again!! So when Jake asked me last year “How many blankets do we need, Michelle?” Well apparently the answer is ONE MORE!! haha!

HOLY MOLY there is SO MUCH to say!!!

There is also something SUPER EXCITING that I got for Christmas that I want to talk all about that that will be saved for another post because there are SO MANY details of crazy!

Okay this was very wordy and not so picturey so I’m gonna sign off and make some breakfast.. It does feel good to blog! I need to get my arse in gear! More details of all these things and more to come :D

6 thoughts on “2014, 2015 Awesomeness

  1. Hi! I will say that the shirt is awesome! And I will wear it later when I will likely come over ;) you can snap a few pic then!

  2. I am picturing all those makes in my head and they conjure up a pretty image! Even now I still have to make a concerted effort to remember to photograph everything I make. Which reminds me, I must ask my niece to send me a photo of the personalized bunting I made for her for Christmas….

    1. haha! Even being aware of this, I’m STILL slacking!! I’m glad you are at least able to picture what I’m making, even if I’m not supplying the visual image!
      Personalized bunting sounds awesome!

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