I finished my Washi Dress on my 100th Blog Post!!


So how fitting is it to have my very first dress sewn all for myself coincide with my 100th blog post?!!! I’m not sure I thought I would actually post that much when I started this little thing! No wonder the kids have so many clothes, haha!


Anyways, back to the Washi Dress :)


I did a lot of sewing on Friday then finished it up Saturday. Everything came together extremely smoothly and easily. There were zero sewing snaffoos that I came across, which is awesome! The pattern directions are seriously easy to follow!

I realized that I need a pressing ham, though! Since I always sew for kids, there really hasn’t been much need for pressing something with a curve, so I had to made due and wad up a piece of scrap fabric and use that as a pressing ham when I was working on the bust darts. Worked great in a pinch!


Another fun thing: I bought glass head pins ages ago because I thought they were pretty. Turns out they have function and the purpose of them is to tack fabric down to press it without the tips melting! WHO KNEW?! It made making the pleats on the skirt SO easy!


The dress ended up a little loose on me, I was counting on the extra 7 rows of shirring in the back pulling the front tighter. The pattern calls for 6 lines, I put in 13. Having big boobs with a draped dress makes you look a little bigger than you actually are, which is why I lengthened the bodice in the first place. I’m thinking of maybe using the Medium size next time and doing a full bust adjustment for it.. Or maybe using the medium size for the back and using the same front bodice? Either way I still really love it! I think this will be my go-to spring dress! It is super comfortable and light! I’ll just throw a belt on if I want it to be more fitted.


The fabric I used was Triangularity in mustard by Chromatics. It is so soft for being a quilting cotton! I also used Aurifil thread for the very first time, and it turns out that stuff is as good as people say it is! It is just such fine thread! So much fits on the bobbin and I felt like every seam pressed so much flatter! I think I’m a thread convert! It is just so expensive and I can’t use a Joanne’s 50% off coupon for it since they don’t sell it!! :(

I am SO happy that I lowered the neckline. It still is very modest, even with the cut out! I feel it would be way too high if I hadn’t. I was a little worried that I might not be able to nurse in it, but I totally can, which is awesome! Makes my life easier and my baby happier!


I decided to use the facings instead of doing a fully lined bodice. It seemed like a lot of people didn’t like the facings flopping around, but I just did some blind stitches and anchored that sucker down. You can’t see the stitches at ALL from the front  :)


Speaking of blind stitches, I also used my blind hem foot for the bottom hem. I LOVE that foot! I remember when I first started using it I could NOT figure the darn thing out. Well, now that I know what I’m doing it is SUCH a breeze! I love not having to see the thread line in the hem :) I also love not having to hand sew the hem to get that look!


I love how different kinds of sewing help in unexpected ways. If it weren’t for the quilting I’ve done, I would have no idea to hand sew the bias on the arm holes to make them look nice and seamless! The Drunkard’s path quilt I made also helped me set in those sleeves, understanding how to sew together curved lines and doing it over and over and over again.

Sorry there aren’t very many amazing photos. I had Jake take a few snaps of me this morning before he went to work. It was 25 degrees out here, people! Don’t let all the sunshine fool you! I was absolutely freezing and this is how I really felt:


Then after he left, I wanted to get some more detailed shots. I did get a couple of the bodice, but then Quinn woke up and shortly thereafter peed on me, christening the dress. Thanks, buddy! Now the dress is being laundered, ha!

This dress has completely made me obsessed with wanting to sew more for myself!! It is SO satisfying to be able to wear something I made!! Especially since I HATE shopping, but love sewing? Perfect! I’ll just make everything from now on! I have officially struck the fear of selfish sewing right out of me!! YAY!

21 thoughts on “I finished my Washi Dress on my 100th Blog Post!!

  1. I just knew that it would be beautiful! I love the fabric you chose and the cut out is my favorite part. Once again your sewing has inspired me. See I have yet to see an article of clothing. Well I don’t count the infinity scarfs I had made. Maybe once I finish the Jean alterations and make a fleece blanket for My Love I will find something simple.

    1. Thank you!! I feel awesome to have inspired!! Other than the fitting of the bodice, this was actually a really easy project, I totally recommend it! Infinity scarves totally count, btw ;)

  2. Oohh! I love your Washi! It looks great! You know, I have never tried my blind hem foot … maybe I should give it a go! The FBA on the Washi really made a difference for me, btw. It makes the bust bigger while keeping the shoulders and neckline the same. I also added an underbust dart to nip it in at the waist, which helped as well.

    Also, you poor FREEZING thing! Get back in the warm house and put on some socks! I’m getting chilly just looking at you. ;-)

  3. Wow! That dress is just amazing! Well done, what a start to your dressmaking. I love it and might even get the pattern after reading how you got on with it and seeing the fab results. I can’t wait to get started on clothes sewing, have got a couple of easy top patterns coming, some fabric and guess what arrived today? The dressmaking dummy! That’s what I needed to give me that final push, no getting away from it now. I hope my first clothes make is as good as yours. Looking forward to seeing what you make next.

    1. SO awesome! I need to get a dress form, that would be so nice to add to my collection of sewing things! I’m sure it would be SO much easier to pin on a form than on myself, lol! This dress definitely made me less scared and more excited to sew for myself. I can’t wait to see what you do!

  4. Well done. The dress looks lovely on you. I particularly liked the fact that you modified it to suit you rather than just sticking to the pattern. Keep up the great work.

  5. Well done you!! Amazing dress – the colour is stunning, really bright and happy.
    Congrats on the big 100! I always enjoy reading your posts – your sense of fun always shines through… :)

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