A Christmas with the Violent Fever Shakes

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Christmas has come and passed! I have been having a good time with my family. We had a fantastic family Christmas party on Sunday night at out house, which was awesome! The merriment was insane, down to my cousin-in-law playing Christmas carols on the piano while we all sang. It was SO much fun, almost like a movie!!!

I finished my tree skirt on Monday (yayyy!!) I’m really excited about it, I think it looks fantastic, and most of all I love knowing that this is the skirt our Christmas trees of the future will wear for years to come :)

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Now I can actually talk about the presents I made for people! I was going to separate things into different posts, but I’m just going to put it all in this one. I don’t think I’ll be posting too much while the family is still here so it makes sense to talk about it before Christmas is a long past memory :)

My mother is a huge fan of Nancy Drew, and also of the library, so when I saw the fabric and the library book bag kit from The Cloth Parcel, I just HAD to get it and make it for her! I’m pretty sure she loves it. She also said one of the panels was the very first Nancy Drew book she ever read, how fun! I will say that making this bag reminded me how I don’t really like to make bags, lol!

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Other than that, it was INFINITY SCARVES FOR EVERYONE!!!!


I bought this amazing super soft knit fabric for my friend Jen, which I didn’t get a picture of and she is currently in NJ for the holidays.. And they no longer have it in stock, so you can’t see it, mwahaha! But it was SO her and she loves it :) Then I got some wonderful plaid wool for my dad at Hancock’s (why should girls have all the infinity fun?), and my sister got this ultra fancy Italian fabric, half wool and half jersey knit that I bought from a local apparel fabric store. I basically just bought half yards and sewed them up long ways, wrong sides together, then put one end of the tube into the other, wrong sides together, and then matched the seam and sewed that closed, leaving 2-3 inches to pull it through and then hand sewed the rest of it closed.

So that was the good part of Christmas. On to the bad part! The morning after the party, Jake woke up shivering really bad, I had to put socks and sweat pants and a sweater on him for him to go back to sleep, also I found some ancient Thera flu in our pantry and made that for him. The next day, I started feeling yucky. Turns out at least 5 of us who were at the party got crazy sick the next day. Christmas Eve, I went to bed early (passed out) and woke up at 2:30am freezing with the most violent shakes I think I’ve ever had. And I knew I still had to put the presents under the tree. So I got up, put lots of sweaters on, and started getting the packages under the tree, shaking uncontrollably! OH the things we do for our kids! So Jake and I are both awake at 2:30 feeling utterly awful trying to make sure Christmas happens. I made him take the hit by eating the Christmas cookies, lol, I couldn’t even think of it!

Lots of Advil and Alka Seltzer later, I was able to go back to sleep. Then of course Quinn woke us up at 8am. UGH! I’m pretty sure the only reason we got out of bed yesterday was because it was Christmas. Survival depended on washing Advil down with Alka Seltzer. And 2 pairs of sweat pants and 2 sweaters with blankets in a 77 degree house. But it is all about the kids, right? So we pushed on:)

Let me tell you, both parents being crazy sick with 2 healthy kids is AWFUL!

Thankfully this morning I feel much better, that is, I don’t feel like DEATH. I’m still wearing 2 pairs of sweat pants, but just one sweater, lol. Now my sister is sick and my parents seem to be coming down with something. This is a pandemic, people!! At least so far the kids are all healthy!

I hope everyone had an amazing (and healthy) Christmas!!!!

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