My Hilarious Halloween

I just wanted to write a little about our Halloween costumes now that it is over!

I know I posted about Millie’s costume last week. I had no idea what to be myself! Super last minute (3:00pm Halloween day to be exact) I decided to just make myself a mermaid costume too, since I had more than enough fabric left over. That and it would be SUPER ridiculous and hilarious!


I think Millie really enjoyed being dressed up just like mommy!!

I did the same thing I did with Millie’s, measuring my waist and measuring around my knees where I wanted the fabric to fall. Of course I didn’t take into account my womanly hips since I never sew for myself, only the kids and I don’t think about body curves when sewing :/

Thank goodness it was stretchy so it fit, but it left NOTHING to the imagination, and this post-baby body really SHOULD be left to the imagination, lol! I felt a bit ridiculous walking around the neighborhood, but I also kind of loved it!


My sister and niece are in town which is super awesome, the cousins got to have a blast trick or treating together! My sister made that amazing tutu for Evie, it was SO cute, she looked like a little princess hovering all over the streets because the skirt was so long.


Here is me holding my little grumpy cowardly lion (minus the head piece that he just HATED) oh, and my road soda, because Texas is awesome and parents walk around with their kids, all holding “grape juice” and “barley juice” for themselves.


I love how this pic looks like there are 3 adults ringing doorbells. I swear the girls were in front of us! This is also hilarious, since apparently we were the only parents who dressed up “with the kids”.. In reality we would have all dressed up anyways, kids or not! We love Halloween! That is my sister Lisa in the middle, she also made her own dress. I love how we both matched our kids, ha! I can’t leave Jen out of the pic, either. Totally kidless but also totally in on joining the fun! We used to trick or treat together way back when! Amazing to do it together again now, yay!

Also, HOLY HELL having kids RULES, they totally let it be okay to trick or treat as an adult!


I somehow didn’t get a pic of Jake, who was Dr Who. He was very dedicated to his costume, he shaved his beard off and wore contacts so he could look more like him, even bought a sonic screwdriver and was scanning people on the streets.

Seriously hilarious night :D

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