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So this one isn’t too exciting, truth is kids clothes week is kind of burning me out! Probably because I picked two labor intensive things to sew on top of some easier things. So yesterday I decided on a very quick easy outfit for Quinn. The top is another Oliver + S raglan tee and the pants are monkey leggings from One Yard Wonders. Both were made from up cycling shirts and pants from both mine and jake’s piles. The real reason I went with our old stuff is because I really didn’t want to deal with hemming anything lol. I just cut the pattern pieces making sure to use the hems that were already there. But it is kind of awesome that all 3 articles of clothing I cut up were very worn and therefore very soft, and there is nothing really more you can ask for when dressing a baby :)

Actually there is something exciting about this pic. Our boy who can’t even sit up on his own is freaking standing, balancing on this little picnic table, all without my help or assistance! He has no interest in sitting at all, but he is soo ready to walk, lol!


Just today left of KCW, and this is the first day in weeks that my husband is actually home, so I’d honestly rather just hang out with him than do any sewing. I think I might just bow out early, especially since I actually read the guidelines of the Kids Clothes Week yesterday, which state to dedicate one HOUR a a day to sewing for your kids. I overshot that by a LOT!! I’ve put more hours into sewing this week than I had in a while! Plus yesterday I made 2 articles of clothing so that technically does add up to 7 things in 7 days, so I guess I did hit my goal :) It was good fun for sure, but I’ll be happy to be back to a steady pace of sewing without worrying about finishing a project in a day! Also I should be getting the backing fabric to my shattered glass quilt top in the mail any day now so I’ll be really excited to finish that project!

I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of their weekend!

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  1. Wow, you’re sewing some amazing things! I am so inspired. Cute pants!! Reading through your blog got me into a sewing mood. I haven’t sewn in a while so I’m totally going to have to tomorrow. Hope all has been well! xx

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