Quilty Mail Excitement


So excited! I have my quilt top all finished and I finally got the backing and binding fabrics in the mail! I was happy to find 2 coordinating fabrics from the same line (Magic Garden by Blend if you are wondering) that weren’t in the fat quarter bundle I used :) Now I have to do is decide if I should keep the back simple with just that cute pink design or if I should incorporate some scraps left over from the front.. I’m leaning towards lazy since I’m excited to have this be done :)

I’m waiting on a new free motion quilting foot in the mail, I tried ordering one from my machine dealer but a month and a half later of them not getting it in, I lost my patience and bought one online… I tried to be loyal and support local business but they made it impossible! I’m just not really sure yet how I want to quilt this.. stippling? Circles? Feathers?

Anybody have any suggestions?

2 thoughts on “Quilty Mail Excitement

  1. I love this – I have several half made quilts hanging around waiting to be finished – I just get a bit scared when they get really big after you’ve sewn all the pieces together… I admire you for getting it done.

    1. Thanks! I’m not really one for having unfinished projects, I usually like to complete one thing before starting a new one… I usually get a little obsessed with whatever current project I have going on.. This quilt has been different in that aspect for me since it is such a huge daunting task so I’ve sewn some little dresses and outfits for the kids in the middle, but I am so excited to actually finish this quilt!
      Sorry for taking so long to respond to this, for some reason your comment was thrown into the spam box, I just found it!

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