Major progress today!



I am so excited to have everything all pieced out and sorted and ready to go! Especially because this morning I totally freaked out and thought I didn’t have enough of the white fabric to make enough squares, so I went to Joanne’s to get more only to find they didn’t have it in stock! So I finished what I had left and laid it all out to see exactly how much more I needed, only to find I had 2 left over!! Thankfully my bad math worked in my favor this time! YAY!

Now all I have to do is obsess about the actual placement of the different patterns and sew this together and figure out how I want to back it and what on earth I want to use as a bias trim. But the major bits are done and all I can do is be excited right now! (and of course hope Millie and the cat don’t mess with it!)

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