A new dress for Millie!

I seriously had to take a break from all those quilt blocks and switch it up doing something I love, making a little dress for Millie :)

                         photo(23)              photo(26) photo(25)  photo(28) photo(27)

I took this tutorial from You and Mie, the Summer Breezes top. I loved the shirt but my daughter has a thing for dresses (if I have any chance of her wearing my creations, I better have sewn a dress!) So I just elongated it and also instead of using bias tape to hem it, I had fun with it and did an heirloom stitch with a wing needle :)photo(29)

Millie loves sparkles and picked out this white sparkly quilting fabric last time we were at Joanne’s, she was wearing the yard of fabric around the house as a toga for a couple weeks before I got around to making this dress, boy is she excited she can finally wear it for real!!

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