So this is my very first post on my very first blog. I guess I’ll introduce myself!

My name is Michelle, I am married to an awesome man Jake and together we have two beautiful children, an almost 4 year old sweet love named Millie and a sweet little angel boy, 3 month old Quinn.

I have always had an interest in sewing, even when I was young. I remember not being able to sleep in the 7th grade and getting up and cutting my jeans into shorts and using the extra denim to make patches on the shorts. I was SO excited to wear them to a party and got tons of compliments. Unfortunately I never fully immersed myself in it, but I always had a curiosity. Fast forward to 19 years old, I stood at a crossroads, faced with a choice of either fashion design school or cosmetology school.. I picked that latter! For 10 years I worked at a salon doing hair. I absolutely loved it, don’t get me wrong!

When my now husband and I started dating 7 years ago, he knew about my interest in sewing and he bought me my first sewing machine, a super cheapo Shark he bought from Walmart, I think :) I got SO frustrated when I first tried using it! I had no clue what I was doing and couldn’t figure out how to make it sew to save my life! I swear I wanted to throw it out the window.. I finally did figure it out and made a couple unwearable shirts (lol) but I basically put it away in the closet because I was always just so tired or busy with work and whatever social life I had before kids.. I never actually took it back out of the closet until just 2 years ago.

Being a stay at home mom to my then 2 year old little girl, I found I had more time on my hands. I started reading sewing blogs and watching Youtube videos and taught myself how to sew. I fell in LOVE. This was what I was wanting to do forever! I became super nerdy and thirsty for knowledge (still am) and started sewing like crazy. So much that I broke my machine about a month later… the zigzag stitch totally stopped working. There was nothing I could do to help it. I’m sure it was due to the fact that I had no idea how to take care of a machine and therefore never cleaned or oiled it. OOPS!

I went out and bought a Janome from Hancocks, which I quickly grew out of and now have recently upgraded again to a Pfaff, which I ADORE.

This Pfaff has also made me get into sewing quilts which I don’t think I ever thought I would like.. but now love.. As a matter of fact I’m currently in the middle of trying a drunkard’s path quilt for Millie. There will be posts about this to come, I’m sure :)20130720-211933.jpg

This was my first ever quilt :) I used the Jaybird Quilts tutorial here  that I found from Sew Can She. It was actually featured in the Sew Can She blog! Very exciting :D

As for now, that was my long post about the history of my sewing! Hope I didn’t bore you to death!


4 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hi Michelle,

    welcome to WordPress, have followed you and sent a tweet to help announce your new blog. What a lovely interesting story and I love your picture, fab piece of work! I’ll pop by again as looking forward to seeing more of your sewing. There’s a great community here so I’m sure you’ll be getting lots of support soon.
    best wishes

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