Rowan (mom-bod) Bodysuit

Back in December, I was asked to test the new Rowan Bodysuit from Megan Nielsen. It is both a regular fitted tee and a bodysuit with a snap crotch! SO 1990’s!!! It makes me remember that time when my sister wore them all the time but I never did because I thought I was either not old enough or not cool enough or not skinny enough, lol. But this version is SO MUCH BETTER than those of the 90’s! Gone are the ridiculous hip bone showing high rise bodysuits of that era, and in with this awesome low rise body suit! Avert your eyes NOW if you don’t want to see a major mom- bod in action!

I sewed up two versions, one regular tee and one body suit. Both were the V-necks because I’m still nursing and the easier access the better! Can I just talk about that V-neck for a second, though? Usually, when I sew a pattern with that neckline, I feel like it is so high up that it may as well be a crew neck and I end up lowering it… But not this one!! It was actually a good depth straight outta the box! Also, the directions are very clear so that the V is very easy to sew on clean and beautiful :)

Picking out the size to sew for myself was a bit of a shocker, this┬ápost 3 babies body is not one that I recognize!! I had to use an L for the top and XL for the waist measurement… That is SO OPPOSITE from what I’m used to!! Usually, it is my bust measurement that puts me in the bigger sizes!! I used my upper bust measurement, as I always do in knits… When I use my actual bust measurement, the shoulders tend to be way too big.

I couldn’t believe I had enough fabric left over from this project to make an entire tee shirt. Even with long sleeves!! You know it’s funny, I actually like this shirt more now that I’m looking at the pictures than I did before the photo shoot.. That’s pretty awesome!

I used a basic black fabric for the bodysuit. There are a couple skirts that I have where I like to tuck in the shirts, but they always ride up.. having the bodysuit is pretty great to keep things where they should without riding up!! I almost never sew basics, but holy shmoly was there an epic gap in my wardrobe before! Super happy to fill it up with this :)

The only issue is when I have to pee and then I forget there is that whole extra step of unsnapping beforehand, LOL!! But I used Kam snaps, so they just pop off pretty easy with no problem :)

SO there you have it, folks! The new Rowan from Megan Nielsen :) And my first blog post in ages haha! Who knows, maybe I’ll be back around again sometime soon to talk about that blue skirt :D

5 thoughts on “Rowan (mom-bod) Bodysuit

  1. The body suit and the top both look great! I love that V neckline too – nicely done. Megan Nielson patterns are the best. My DIL loved those MN maternity tops I made for her (from your blog post) and the knit was forgiving enough that she’s still wearing them.

    1. OH yay!! I bet she really did love them, it feels so great to wear something comfortable when you’re pregnant and it is even more special that you made them for her :D I know my sister and I were just talking about how we love the majority of Megan Nielsen’s patterns, I love when I have the same aesthetic as a designer! Good to hear from you, hope all is well!

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