Vote for Quinn’s Hawaiian Shirt on Project Run and Play!!

I was super surprised and happy and excited to see that the Hawaiian shirt I made for Quinn was picked as one of the five to be up for vote to be the winner on Project Run and Play!

Hawaii Boy

It has been a while since I participated, but I thought “what the heck” and decided to just plop it in there for fun.. I thought there was no way it would be chosen against all those adorable dresses it was up against, but there it was!!

Hawaii Boy

Anyway, if you want to head on over to PR&P to vote for me (or anyone else who you think is deserving ;) that would be awesome and I will love you forever!!

Hawaii Boy


2 thoughts on “Vote for Quinn’s Hawaiian Shirt on Project Run and Play!!

  1. Have been having some major wp problems, so not getting around much….just hopped over to the PRP site only to discover that voting is closed! Curses. Was poised to vote for your son’s shirt, partly because that is one great shirt, and partly because, well, that picture is just priceless! Congrats on a job well done.

    1. Thank you so much! I knew it was a long shot anyway, frankly I would have voted for that adorable lemon dress if I weren’t in it! I’m just excited to have been a part of it :D

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