A Fun Maternity T-Dress

Cara Maternity T dress

Heyoooo!!! MAN I’m terrible at keeping up here!! But honestly, I haven’t been doing much sewing lately. Not clothes, anyway. This pregnancy wiped me out for a few months there, all I wanted to do was sleep and avoid heaving. I’ve been having some fun lately with some quilty things, I joined 2 blocks of the month this year and busted my tushy to finish the top from last year’s. Now I just have to quilt and bind that sucker. I want to say I’ll write about it at some point, but I’ve been terrible at keeping up with blog promises lately.

Cara Maternity T-dress

But on to more exciting things!! I’ve finally gotten my sewing bug back! I’ve made a couple maternity things this week and I’m pretty stoked to expand my wearable wardrobe with this crazy expanding body.

Cara Maternity T-Dress

I’m so excited about this dress!!! It is Megan Nielsen’s Cara Maternity T-shirt pattern. She recently updated the pattern with some new branding, I’m not sure if she changed the actual pattern drawing, I already had the old one cut out and ready to go when I got the email about the update and I haven’t compared.

Cara Maternity T-Dress

I obviously tweaked this because it is not a t-shirt, duh :) I lengthened the bottom to just above my knees and made the hemline straight instead of curved. I decided I didn’t really want sleeves, but I also wasn’t really feeling a completely sleeveless dress, so I drafted some fun cap sleeves! I absolutely love how it all turned out.

Cara Maternity T-Dress

There was really no point in trying to pattern match the print with all that ruching on the front, so I didn’t stress about cutting at all. Who needs that extra worry when sewing is supposed to be a relaxing release, right?

Cara Maternity T-Dress

The fabric is some awesome stuff I bought from The Cloth Pocket (I daresay my favorite local fabric shop) SO LONG ago, I think it was last winter, but never could decide what to make with it. I’m glad I waited!! The texture is perfect for a dress like this. It is a firmer ponte knit, which is great because it doesn’t show off all those lumpy bits that a fitted dress like this could reveal. And the stretch on it is just perfect.

Cara Maternity T-Dress

The color might be a little dark as we head into spring, but I’ve never really been a trend follower anyway, so whatever!!

Cara Maternity T-Dress

I also made the t-shirt version of this dress last weekend, which I’ve already worn 3 times, ha! It is obviously awesome and as soon as the perfect trifecta of me having showered, Quinn being reasonable, and having either my camera with a remote (Jake took it to work) or a willing photographer, I’ll get some pictures taken and blog about that one too :D

Cara Maternity T-Dress

Maybe next time my ‘willing photographer’ won’t be yelling “Suck it in, suck it in!”

Yeah, sorry sweetheart, this belly is only getting bigger!

7 thoughts on “A Fun Maternity T-Dress

    1. Thank you!! You are so right, most of my store bought maternity stuff gets me all wrong, especially in the boobs. It is SO AWESOME to be able to feel good in something, especially when your body seems so foreign!

  1. You’re glowing! So pretty in that dress too. Thanks for the link. DIL just told me I have grandbaby #3 in the works so this is perfect timing! Congrats on the dress. It looks absolutely fabulous!

      1. Thank you so much again for sharing this with us. DIL loved the top so I just purchased the pattern. Hancock’s has some solid jersey on sale that’s a bit thicker than a normal t-shirt so I bought 3 colors: yellow like the picture in the link, royal blue, and teal. She wants the short sleeve. And she loved your dress too! I also bought some pretty royal blue lycra for a tankini top for her. On the pattern, I’m going to widen the neckline and narrow the shoulders into straps. Then she can use her own bottoms for a swim suit this summer for some water play with the other two. :) I also snagged a matching gorgeous batik blue gauze print for a sarong wrap. Love to spoil her!

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