Okay, I sewed up this Lady Skater dress TWO MONTHS ago but since sewing it, things in my life have gone CRAZY (more on that later) and I only now have gotten the chance to take pictures of me and blog about it :) Also, because it had been so long, I decided to be crazy and curl my hairs and wear some new awesome make up I got for Christmas :D

Lady Skater

Anyhoo, after sewing my first Lady Skater dress, I decided I loved it, but there were just a couple things I needed to change. The back had a bit too much fabric (sway back adjustment?) and the skirt is really too short to wear without leggings. So I scooped a little over an inch off the bottom back bodice (I’m not really sure if that is what you’re supposed to do, but it worked at the time!) and lengthened the skirt by a LOT.

Lady Skater

The fabric was bought AGES ago during one of those fun NYC fabric shopping trips I always take when visiting my family. This particular stuff was bought at Chic Fabrics for a mere $8 a yard (I LOVE THAT STORE) and it is an awesome ponte knit with pretty great quality for that crazy cheap price :) The print was so crazy and random though! I always knew it would be destined to become a Lady Skater, but it took me ages to figure out just how to align the pattern pieces to make a pretty dress. I really wanted to pattern match as well as I could with what I was working with. Only having 2 yards made it quite the challenge!

Lady Skater

I think I did a great job!!

Lady Skater

My sister even pointed out how the sleeves match up with the bottom of the skirt!

Lady Skater

Anywho, the dress fit FANTASTIC at first, but now it is fitting a little wonky because…

Lady Skater SURPRISE!

I found out I’m pregnant again!!!! I can hardly believe I’m about to have THREE kids!! I’m due in July and after the initial shock of it all, I’m really excited :D And another fun thing is that there are THREE OTHER family members who are also pregnant and due in July!! Plus another who is due in May! This lucky baby will have lots of awesome cousins to play with!! Millie is super excited for another baby but I’m a little worried about Quinn, he has no idea what is about to hit him! He is already jealous of the attention I give to Millie, I hope he is okay when this fresh infant takes up 100% of my time! :/

Lady Skater

So while that sway back adjustment thing I did worked 2 months ago, my tummy is starting to pull on things and it is making the back all wonky again!! My hair looks friggin’ fabulous in this pic though, right? Heck yeah, pregnancy hormones and thick shiny hairs!!

Lady Skater

I’m finally starting to pull out of that first trimester haze of being nauseous and wanting to pass out at 6:30, so now I’m filling up on the energy to be excited at my body starting to change and grow! I guess I’ll have to start focusing on sewing up some maternity wear!? Since I only started sewing for myself after Quinn was born, this will be a new thing for me and I’m going to have to find some really nice outfits to help accommodate this growing belly! I’m actually kind of excited at the prospect!


8 thoughts on “A Fresh Lady Skater and a BIG SURPRISE ANNOUNCEMENT!

  1. Congrats! Sewing maternity clothes has been quite a learning experience for me — best luck so far has been with things that don’t require too much fitting. ;-) Your lady skater looks great! Bet raising the waistline would make this pattern work for maternity too.

    1. Thanks!! Yes, I’m looking forward to fiddling with things and trying to make non maternity things fit for a pregnant body :) There are a few dresses that still fit me great, they are all empires! How fun, we’re pregnant together!! Congrats to you too!!

  2. Congratulations! There’s no better news than a baby coming!!

    Your skater is awesome. I love the print. If you’re into maternity sewing, I would love to send you some patterns. I have several that I never even opened and they’re cute and easy. I was handed down a whole maternity wardrobe, and never needed to see anything. So I’d love to pay it forward. Email me if you’re interested.

    1. Thank you so much!! LUCKY YOU with that maternity wardrobe!! I have some things from previous pregnancies and some things that were handed down to me in the past, but most people I know are smaller than me so even though they thought their pregnancy stuff would fit, either the pants are too small or the shoulders are too tight :) I am totally emailing you and RIGHT NOW! :D

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