Hey Strangers!

I know it has been a while since I posted, school started for Millie and we are just finally getting into the groove of this new schedule..

But I’ve been sewing a lot!

And something awesome: Quinn is finally letting me have a few moments to myself without always being attached to me (YAY!!) so I can get back to blogging more regularly!!

I just switched from regular old wordpress.com to a self hosted site and I’m trying desperately to figure out the technical aspects of all of this new stuff! Part of me thinks “what the hell did I just do??? I’m completely in over my head!!” and the other part is really excited to learn about all this web stuff.

SO please excuse the hiccups I’m sure to be having over here!! I’m also trying to totally redesign my blog, I never really loved the layout and especially I didn’t love the header picture.. So I’ll be playing around with the look and feel of everything for a while :) Any opinions are appreciated! I am no professional web developer OR graphic artist!!

Hopefully I can get all this stuff worked out smoothly and get Millie to take some photos of me in a new and exciting (to me) dress I made and also I need to take like 200 pictures of her in some new outfits I made.. I’m really excited to get back into this blogging world!! WOOHOO!

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