Getting my Summer Sewing Jollies On

Didja miss me? I tell you what, I’ve missed sewing clothes!!! My machine was in the shop for over THREE WEEKS which was absolute TORTURE. They were waiting for a part from their distributor, my needle threader broke off.. It still hasn’t come in, but I couldn’t handle not having my machine any more so I went and picked it up so I could have it in my possession while the part took it’s sweet time getting to the shop. It still isn’t in, but the machine is home and that makes me happy!! When it finally gets there I’ll just bring it back in so they can put it together.. I figured Murphy’s law would have it come in the afternoon I picked up the machine, lol.


I’ve wanted to sew this little number ever since I saw the pattern. It is the awesome Belladone by Deer and Doe. I’m not really sure what the heck I was waiting for. Fear of the back detail perhaps? I don’t know, but I’m SO happy I finally made it because it makes me super happy!


Do you recognize the fabric? You are not crazy. I used the exact stuff to make this fantastic Hawaiian shirt for Quinn last summer. I’ve been jealous ever since and so last week I finally went out and bought enough of it to make a dress for myself, woohoo!! I actually freaked out for a minute because I couldn’t find it, when I always see it in the store, but I asked and thank goodness they had just moved it somewhere else. I wanted to dress him up in his shirt and take a picture of us together, but dude. I’m amazed I was able to get ANY pics at all. And these days Quinn is not the biggest fan of wearing any clothes at all, so there’s that.


I can’t even believe how simple the construction of this was. I did my usual FBA, made a muslin and the muslin fit PERFECT so I went ahead and cut out the real thing. I guess working with patterns that are built for the curvier (they draft to a c cup and for ladies with hips) works in my favor! That and I guess I am learning a lot of what my actual body needs in a pattern before I even start the muslin now, which is awesome. I read a lot of bloggers had problems with how the back fit, but I had no issues, I made the back exactly as drafted.


I wanted to get some hot pink fabric that matched the flamingos and do some piping around the waistband, but I just wanted to GET TO IT and not have to go to the store, so I nixed the idea. Seriously, sewing is my stress reliever and I just wanted to zone out as soon as I could! I made this up in a day and a half. Seriously. My house can attest. I allowed myself the privilege of sewing guilt free while the kids were home, which was AMAZING. I paid the price, though… the house was covered in fish food and cereal. Top to bottom. Crazytown mess. But I have a new dress and it was totally worth it!!! :D :D :D


Taking photos today was kind of difficult, we tried 3 different locations, the sun was either too bright or things were too shadowy, Millie wasn’t really in the mood and Quinn was naked in more shots than not, lol!! Out of over 200 photos (rapid fire thanks Millie) there were like 12 that weren’t cropping my head off or fuzzy. So sorry for the lack of clarity! Plus I kind of used up my personal time sewing and not making sure photos were awesome. Win for me, really.


Anyways, I plan on wearing the poo out of this dress all summer and I’m really excited about it!! I’m also excited to have my machine back and make more things, SEW ALL THE THINGS, yay!!


8 thoughts on “Getting my Summer Sewing Jollies On

  1. Every version of this dress looks like it was made for the maker… I think I need to make one too… eventually … when I get some money!

    Shame about the piping (I would have been like you though and jumped on without it) because it would have really suited the fabric! NEXT TIME!

  2. Brilliant dress! It fits so well and that fabric – wow! Couldn’t the shop have lent you a machine whilst yours was out of action? I’d be totally lost without mine, I have to say. Naked, bike-riding Quinn reminds me of my two youngest. They have all over tans. Say no more:)

    1. Thanks!!! Yeah right… They aren’t the best communicators, they said it would take 2 weeks but most likely less than that… So I called at 2 weeks and they said it would be another day or so… Week 3 I was like uhmmmm so that’s why I took it home… I’ll have to probably keep badgering them seeing if the part is in…
      And lol, yes, Quinn’s naked tushy on a bike is a daily sight around here!!

  3. That dress is awesome (as is the little bare bum in the first photo). Fits you perfectly, and the fabric choice is perfect.

    I bought that pattern ages ago and have been neglecting it for the very same reasons. Maybe I’ll give it a try this summer.

  4. Popping over from SMS. Congrats on being a contestant! I love the BUTT in the first picture. I’ll be rooting for you to win, since I wasn’t selected. But then, seeing your blog and your lovely photos make me see why I wasn’t. Loving it here! Beautiful inspiration! Nice dress, ;) You’re my favorite on the list of contestants. Good luck!

    1. Aww thank you so much!!!! You totally made my day!! I’m really nervous about the competition but hope to have lots of fun with it :) it is a group of some talented ladies!!

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