OH, Home on the Range!

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Darling Ranges

Participating in Me Made May has gotten me really excited about sewing for myself again. I peruse all the Instagram hashtags and find all sorts of awesome things, and make note on which patterns I really need (or just want but who’s keeping tabs on things like that?) If you don’t follow me on instagram, I’m michellebryer and I’ve been pretty good about posting every day with something hand made! One of the patterns I decided I needed was Megan Nielson’s Darling Ranges dress. So I bought it immediately. Plus, who could argue against that ridiculous Australian Dollar to American Dollar exchange rate? MUCH nicer than the Dollar to the Pound!! For once a conversion works in my favor!

Darling Ranges

I had quite a time doing my FBA on this bad boy! The pattern had a dart coming from the waist, so I had to move it to the bust to alter it. Then I moved half of it back down to the waist so that the darts wouldn’t be too wide and pointy. I had to move the apex all over the place and also the darts and then 3 muslins later, I was finally happy with my result! Although, looking at these photos is making me realize I could have given the girls just a teeny bit more space.. OH WELL!! It was funny, I ended up matching it up to the darts on my Emery pattern and they were almost identical after all the toiling. Makes me want to bite the bullet and make myself a proper bodice sloper..  Anyways, the paper pattern ended up looking a little hilarious, especially since I was using painters tape (Quinn is always stealing the scotch, I swear I buy it ALL THE TIME and can never ever find it)

Darling Ranges pattern alterationsI did end up retracing it and perfecting it so the pattern piece is a little bit less chaotic for my cutting needs!

Darling Ranges

The fabric I used is from Art Gallery Fabrics, I don’t know, they must spin their cotton with clouds.. every time I’ve used Art Gallery it is the softest fabric ever, whether it is quilting cotton or voile.. This stuff happens to be voile and I love it! I bought this stuff at 50% off when one of the stores near me was closing.. It was pretty sad, for a little while it seemed like all the local fabric shops here were closing down all at the same time :(


I bought these sweet buttons at Joannes with the help of Millie. Actually, Millie was ZERO help in that department, she kept suggesting the most RIDICULOUS buttons, which was hilarious. She actually poopooed on my choice, but I don’t care, I love em’! ANyways, other than the millions (3) of fittings I had with this thing, the actual construction was cake. I obviously omitted the sleeves because, you know, Texas. It is hot here. I didn’t even mind sewing on those 12 buttons!! I had Quinn asleep on my lap while catching up on some Outlander and couldn’t have been happier stitching away :)Darling Ranges

I should really start ironing my outfits and doing my hair before these photo shoots… Or not, whatever! ha! Anyways, I love the yellow, I love the style of the dress. It is super springy and happy and it is exactly the kind of thing I want to wear this time of year :) I think I’m going to tweak this just a teensy bit more and make another one :D

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  1. I love this dress on you, all your efforts with getting the fit right we’re definitely worth it. Your description of the softness of the fabric made me smile – it’s just my kind of colour too and would match my WIP yellow socks a treat:)

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