The Art of Imperfection

I love sewing. It is my safe place, my “me time”, my sanctuary. If I’m feeling tired or overwhelmed or low on spiritual energy, I like to turn to my sewing machine. I don’t know what it is about it, but the simple act of sewing a few lines of stitches just seriously recharges all my batteries and makes me a better human all around. Lately, I’ve had a LOT on my mind, lots of thoughts running around, keeping me a little down and anxious. I’m not going to talk about the specifics of those thoughts, but I will talk about what helps me and what doesn’t.

imperfect emery

A lot of people really like to judge sewing on the details and the neatness and the perfection. Sometimes I’m anal about that stuff too. Not lately, though, because that sort of stresses me out sometimes, and stress is exactly what I’m trying to stay away from.

imperfect emery

I decided, since my muslin of my Emery dress fit so nice, I would just go ahead and make the darn dress out of it. Why not? It isn’t my favorite fabric, as a matter of fact, I bought it because the whole bolt was something like $7 when the Joanne’s by me was closing a couple years ago. I thought it would be great muslining fabric and maybe I would even make some sort of suit jacket for Quinn with it one day. It is some seriously fugly fabric. But whatever, let’s make a dress!

imperfect emery
hot mess

I scooped out the neck line a bit to make it a little lower and I scooped out 1/2 inch on the arm holes again. This time, instead of lining it or using bias tape, I decided to just make some facings instead so I could have that nice polished look of a lining on the outside without all the thickness of 2 layers of fabric.. And instead of an invisible zipper, I decided to sew an exposed zipper (my first one ever) since the zip I had matched so well.. That zipper doesn’t look too great on the bottom, whatever!

imperfect emery
fugly wrinkly insides

I was SERIOUSLY not concerned with the perfection here. I didn’t bother changing my serger thread from black. WHATEVER. I didn’t feel like winding new bobbins, so I used 3 different colors for the bottom thread. WHATEVER. The zipper is crazy wonky. WHATEVER.

imperfect emery
Millie really does do a hilarious job of posing me

Somehow, this dress does NOT fit as well as the other Emery dress… it feels huge.. Perhaps it is the fact that the fabric is way heavier, and has a bit more stretch to it than the double gauze of the other dress… Perhaps I could have turned more under during the zipper sewing process.. The truth is, I don’t even care how this dress came out. I felt DAMN good while sewing it and for that little while during the creation, all my cares went away. There was something so freeing about just DOING IT without worrying about the little details. Maybe sewing this dressĀ is the metaphor of life?

5 thoughts on “The Art of Imperfection

  1. I find that even 10 minutes hidden away at the swing machine lifts my mood, unfortunately it’s been packed away for the past 6 weeks while we have some building work done and my hands are itching to get working on it again!

  2. Oh yes, I know just what you mean about sewing lifting your spirits! Whilst I love the challenge of spending an entire week labouring over a corseted ball gown, sometimes a quick fix is all I need too:)

    1. There really is something also satisfying about perfection, but lately it has all just been about enjoying the process without worrying to hard about the results!

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