Perfecting the Fit of my Burda Bib Dress

Burda 120 DressThere is something totally satisfying about perfecting patterns! I sewed up this dress last year (almost exactly a year ago!), and while I totally loved it, there is no question that it is way too big on me. The front of the old one is very immodest (and I’m not the most modest girl) and there is a lot of gaped space by the arm pits. Before wearing it to a wedding, I sewed up over and inch on both side seams and the darn thing was STILL too big. The pattern is Burda Bib Dress 04/2014 #120.

Burda 120 Dress

I bought this AMAZING african-esque fabric in NY last year, and this dress was absolutely what I wanted to make with it. I don’t know why it took so long to actually sew it! Do you see the zebras? ZEBRAS!!! It is a very light and thin cotton, possibly lawn? $5 a yard, woop woop!!

Burda 120 Dress

When I finally sat down to figure out how to fix this, I knew I had no real idea of what to do, so I just winged it (my usual method of madness). I put on the too huge dress and just stood in front of the mirror, pinching out the excess fabric where I would want to modify the dress. It was very unscientific and unprofessional. Remember, I am a totally self taught sewer and have never actually taken any fitting (or sewing for that matter) class. I pinched out stuff and measured about how much, then just cut it off the pattern, redrawing lines and connecting them where I thought they should go. I drew a slightly higher neckline so my ladies could be covered more properly so my bra wouldn’t always be hanging out the front. Turns out my method worked just great for me! This thing is almost perfect!!

Burda 120 Dress

I probably should have taken more time to iron this before the little photo shoot.. and also probably should have made sure the bow was tied more centered! To my defense, I finally had a willing photographer and we were loosing light fast! There are a few little wrinkles around the princess seam, but I think that had to to with the thin fabric getting easily stretched when sewing the curve. They press out if I try hard enough, but honestly I don’t care THAT much.. The only thing I might change is to lengthen the bodice┬ávery slightly, probably only about a centimeter. I’m SUPER happy with how this dress came out!! It is oh so comfortable and super nice for the spring :) The only thing I’m not in love with is just how fiddly turing the super tiny loops of fabric to hold the buttons is, but I really like the look so I don’t care. I remember it being much easier when I was working with voile, so maybe the fact that this wasn’t as slippy is what made it more annoying. I got it in the end though and that is what matters :) It was hard to find 8 matching buttons in my stash that worked, but I was happy to use these silver ones.. I was afraid they would be too much, but I really like how they make the dress pop a little more.

Burda 120 Dress

Speaking of stash, I’m slowly working through mine and it feels SO GOOD to see fabric as a garment instead of folded on my shelf!!

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  1. Both dresses are lovely but look very different because of the fabrics chosen. Had to laugh at your drunken photos by the bull in the other blog post:)

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