Amelia Dress

   So, again, I was the target for marketing and marketing won. I got an email from Craftsy a while back with super sales on their “sewing kits”, where they send you a pattern PLUS the fabric, which is actually pretty cool. I had been eyeing the cotton and steel arrow print for a while now, and when I saw it paired up with the Amelia Dress by Green Bee, I thought the dress was pretty cute so I pulled the trigger and bought it. I figured for $30, getting 3 yards of fabric plus the pattern was a no brainer (at over $10 a yard, it would have been more than $30 for the fabric alone at a local shop).

amelia dress

My measurements put me at a straight L, so that is the size I cut out. I usually use my upper bust measurement and do an FBA, but this time I decided to just take my actual bust measurement since the style seemed to be a bit looser, anyways. I figured it didn’t have to fit PERFECTLY because of the loose style. I made a quick muslin of the bodice and everything seemed to be just fine as is, so I cut into the arrows without making any pattern adjustments.

amelia dress

The construction is pretty easy and straightforward on this dress. Very simple. I decidedly don’t like little facings, but I just tacked those puppies down so it was no big deal. One thing I changed was the pockets.. The ones on this pattern are so small I don’t even see a point, so I used the pockets from another dress I have instead to make them useable. All in all, this dress could totally be sewn if you are a total garment sewer beginner. Of course, I made it harder than it had to be..

amelia dress

I really want to perfect my invisible zipper skills, so I hand basted the zip to the dress before sewing it. Everything looked totally awesome when I was done and I was excited to try it on. Only problem was, when I wore it, the zipper bellowed out from my body, making the dress look SUPER weird. The back was way big on me and I guess the weight of the zipper vs the fabric made it bow and there wasn’t much I could do about it without seriously altering the fit of the back, which I really wasn’t in the mood to do. But then I realized, since it WAS a bit too big, I could just slip it over my head without unzipping it anways, so I picked all the stitches out of the zipper and took that sucker out, just sewing the back shut without any closures. Awesome! woohoo!! Easy on, easy off!!

amelia dress

I figured since I already had my needle and thread out, I might as well hand sew the hem instead of using my go-to machine blind hem. Actually, it was because I made the hem a bit small and I was having a hard time doing the blind hem with machine, and I figured even though hand sewing would take more time, it would end up being less annoying. It was kind of nice, I sewed it up while Quinn was on Jake’s lap (!!not mine!!) watching the superbowl. Okay, he was on my lap for a while as I hand sewed too.. I can’t even believe I was able to pull THAT off..

amelia dress

Honestly? It isn’t the best dress in the world. The fit isn’t perfect and the quilting weight cotton isn’t the most comfortable thing I’ve ever put on my body. The front fits fine, but the back is weird… Good thing I don’t see that! The sleeves are a bit tight when I try to twist my arms around.. for instance, reaching behind me to hold Quinn’s hand as he is crying in the car makes me feel like the fabric is going to bruise my upper arm.. Not much give there. It wouldn’t be a problem if the sleeves were shorter or if there was a vent there. As I’ve worn the dress, it seems to be better. I think the fact that the fabric is cut on the bias makes things a bit nicer. I think over time gravity is pulling down on it and making things fit better. It isn’t my favorite dress in the world, but I know I’m going to wear the hell out of this come spring so it was all worth it :)


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  1. Hey! Any other ideas on what could cause the zipper to bow outwards? I just finished mine…love it front the front, but turn around and I have a hunch back! Mine fits very well so I dont think its that the dress is too loose. Any ideas on how to fix it would be helpful.

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