I Made Me Some Jamie Jeans!


I had been spying this pattern for AGES but couldn’t justify paying the 19 euros for it. When I saw it for crazy sale over the holidays I just had to nab it. It is the Jamie Jeans pattern from Named clothing.

Jamie Jeans

I got crazy and decided to not do a muslin first. I WAS going to, but I didn’t have quite enough fabric of the crap stuff so I just threw my cares in the wind and went for it on my special fabric. I bought this super awesome 4 way stretch stuff back when I was trying to make those awful Clover pants, which never panned out. I’m not sure exactly what these are made of, but I got about a yard and a half at a small apparel fabric shop here in Austin that I had never heard of and haven’t gone back to. Truth is, it was awesome but in the middle of nowhere and I forget where it was and also the name.. oops. I’m sure if I do enough research I’ll find it again. I think I paid like $30 for the yard and a half, which was totally like “OUCH” for me to pay that.. Like a ding a ling I didn’t ask how much it was until I paid. So THANK GOD these things turned out alright!!! Because while it seems a shock to pay that for a small bit of fabric, $30 is pretty dang cheep for pants!

Jamie Jeans

I’m aware the fit of these aren’t *perfect* but they are pretty darn great for not having altered a THING on the pattern. I’m sure the stretchiness of the fabric forgives a lot of faults. Sewing these up was a total breeze- until the damn waistband. I fiddled with the dang thing forever. I probably could have figured it out a bit sooner, but both kids were all over me so one task ended up spanning several days, which was SUPER frustrating. I understand that there is SOME ease to consider when attaching the band, but there was like FOUR INCHES to have to stretch that sucker. And when I was trying to stretch it, the interfacing kept ripping, causing me to curse everything in sight. For real though, it was making me feel like I was doing something wrong. I think I DID do a tiny something, which was make the fly shield a tad too big since it was my first one ever and all, but that would have only given me an extra 1/4 inch, not really enough to create the problem I was having.

Jamie Jeans

I searched all over the blogosphere for someone who maybe had the same issue, but it seems most blogs just rave about patterns without saying much negative. I did find someone who helped me out a bit, she also had an issue with the waistband. (Thank you, Elizabeth!!!!) She suggested the same thing I was thinking, to just take out the god forsaken interfacing. I just put some where I was going to make the buttonhole and sew on the button to give those bits some reinforcement. Then I stretched the dickens out of it and fit it onto the pants, crossing my fingers that it wouldn’t look ridiculous in the end. There is a little puckering, but you can’t see it when I’m wearing them because it all stretches out :)

Jamie Jeans

I’m mostly pretty stoked about all my top stitching, except for at the fly. The stretchiness of the fabric + the craziness of my kids + my lack of patience and care to rip it out and do it all again caused the front to be a tiny wonky. Whatever, no one should be looking that closely to my crotch ;) I used a grey thread, but it looks white in these photos.. One of my most favorite parts of these pants are those little pocket accent things! I used some scraps from the Van Gogh print I used on the back of that triangle quilt. I love the tiny pop of color!! And that button was this awesome ornate thing that I got from a big lot of antique buttons at Uncommon Objects here in Austin. Unfortunately, the details didn’t show up in the photo. Oh well.

Jamie Jeans

I would like to try these again, this time with an actual stretch denim :) Of course I’ll have to probably alter the pattern for those, without that stretch, the crotch will have to be dealt with and also the baggy knee thing that is going on (which, as I’ve noticed, happens with all my pants, so I’m not sure that is  real issue..) I’ll also have to figure out that waistband thing since honestly there is NO FREAKING WAY I’ll be able to stretch anything denim-like that much. All in all, I’m totally psyched about my first pair of wearable pants!!!!

Jamie Jeans

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am OVER the winter (maybe it is the gorgeous weekend we’ve been having) and I am totally ready to start sewing some spring dresses!! I already have one laid out, half sewn and another on the burner :D

9 thoughts on “I Made Me Some Jamie Jeans!

  1. I saw these on Kollabora. Very cute and a great fit without muslin. I’m envious of the fourway stretch fabric it sounds great and the color is lovely.

    I’ve made these, and I didn’t have the issue with the waistband, so you really should check the pattern and see if you can avoid it next time out. Measure the patterns, from center front mark to center front mark. For the pants body, that means adding up several pieces without seam allowances but for the waistband it just means measuring around a curve. Since there are all the panel seams, each one is a potential error and it could add up to quite a bit by the time your done. It sounds like you found a small problem with the fly, but basically the makred fly extesion should be the same as the fly shield so you couldn’t be off by 4cm between those marks. If everything measures correctly with the pattern and you’re confident your seams are correct, then it’s probalby that the waist edge of the pants really is stretching out as you work. I’ve never had such a big error but this is why waistbands need to be eased. Match all the notches and try to distribute the excess evenly by sectioning and pinning, you may need a pin every inch. You also can try placing a gathering stitch at the waist to help to pull the excess in evenly. Best of luck, hope they work better next time!

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