January Block of the Month and Some Peace and Quiet


MAN it feels good to do some simple quilty sewing! It had been way too long! I finished my first block for the Block of the Month I joined this morning and it was so satisfying!


I’ve seriously needed some time for myself lately, Quinn must be getting his molars in because he hasn’t been able to be apart from me in ages and I’ve desperately needed some alone time. Seriously, the kid won’t even let me shower alone. So this weekend has been AMAZING to me with Jake being home. He let me finish those Jamie Jeans yesterday AND I had this morning to make this little block. It only took me about an hour but that is all I really needed, I guess. And right now for the first time in over a week Quinn is actually asleep WITHOUT the need to be on top of me!! FREEDOM!!!! I love that kid but WHOA. Momma needs to regroup sometimes! So let’s all send a silent (seriously, SHHH! Please don’t wake him up) thank you to my sleepy little man for giving me what I have been so desperately needing :D


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