Julia Sweater Happies!

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Julia Sweater

Heyoo! I’m super excited to be on the Compagnie M Julia Sweater pattern tour! I was SOOO excited when Marte asked me to test this pattern, I actually recently bought a dolman type shirt and LOVE it and was wanting to sew some up for myself. Then BOOM here is this awesome pattern, just dropped into my lap!

Julia Sweater

I sewed up two shirts in the testing phase, both of which I’m pretty excited about  :) The first one I made, I used a nice grey knit I had and wanted to accent it with some amazing stuff I had leftover from another project. (soon to be blogged) I decided to do a faux placket.. Which is offered in the pattern, but of course I deviated and did my own thing because I’m an idiot? lol.. Anyways, it was really easy, I just cut two strips about and inch and half tall and as long as the sleeve tops. I simply cut down the grey part to account for the added fabric in the placket (minus the seam allowance) so I could keep the original sleeve width. Super easy :) I LOVE the look of those stripes down my arms!!

Julia Sweater

The only problem with the first sweater is that the waist band is a bit too tight, but that was fixed during the pattern testing. I think all the testers felt the waistband needed to have a bit more give ;) It isn’t so tight that it keeps me from wearing it, though! Because of that (and because I’m excited about cozy shirts) I decided to sew up another one for fun. I have 7 yards of this blue stripy fabric that I got in NYC.. I think I may have been swindled (they wouldn’t tell me the price until I spoke with the owner, who was like “OH that is very nice fabric, $24 a yard, but I’ll give it to you for $10 a yard if you buy the whole rest of it” I talked him down to $8 and walked off with a huge heavy load of this stuff. Who knows, maybe it really was $8 a yard and I just walked away with the whole thing for no good reason, lol!)

Julia Sweater

Anyways, I wanted to play with the stripes so I cut the front at a 45 degree angle so I could make a chevron. Instead of cutting it on the fold, I just added the seam allowance to the center front when cutting. Let me tell you, lining up tiny stripes is NOT EASY!! That is why I decided to just cut the back in one piece with the stripes horizontal, haha!

Juila Sweater

You know what I love about these sweaters? I mean OTHER than how fast they are to sew up and how awesome having cuffs and waistbands is (NO HEMS, YAY!)… They are SOOO COMFORTABLE! Something about having looseness at the armpits, I feel like if this shirt were gloves, it would be mittens… Does that make sense? Well it does to me! Also, I wore this shirt to Jake’s work Christmas party and the next day, he said “I really liked that shirt you wore last night. Did you make it? It looked great”. So basically my own husband not only noticed it but also complemented it and that is SO amazing because that man doesn’t usually talk about my clothes. Made me feel pretty darn wonderful!

Julia Sweater

Anyways, this shirt has a bunch of options too, I just made the basic one. There are ways to color block, there can be font pockets and different necklines. I think I’m going to have to sew up the pocket one at some point soon, gotta love cozy sweatshirt pockets..  Go check out the other folks on the pattern tour and see some amazingly creative versions!



Fun photo credit to my awesome mother-in-law, who actually seemed to enjoy taking photos, unlike my photographer husband (HI Jake I love you!) lol!

suck it in! suck it in!




13 thoughts on “Julia Sweater Happies!

  1. Love your Julia sweaters!
    I already have a couple of yards of different sorts to make a few others as well. They are indeed very comfortable to wear! I couldn’t get a grip on why that would be, but must be the fabric width under the arm indeed :)

  2. Great Julia’s! I especially love the striped one! Where in NYC did you buy that fabric? I’m in NYC right now, so if you have some good fabric shop tips, let me know! I already went to Mood’s and Purl Soho!

    1. Thanks!! That is so awesome you are in NY! Check out 39th street, chic fabrics and Paron are pretty awesome, mj trimmings is great also… Just walk all around that area, there are SO MANY awesome random shops!!

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