Prepared for the Winter

SO last week I bought the Perfect Pattern Parcel because apparently I’m TOTALLY susceptible to mass marketing, LOL. But seriously, this bundle was all women’s patterns and since I’ve been totally enjoying sewing for myself, I thought it would be fun to get this, even though I’m more into fitted bodice dresses than sweatpants and potato sack dresses…

Julia Cardigan

ANyways, I probably should have just purchased the individual patterns that appealed to me, it would have been cheaper.. But at least my money went to a good cause :)  Either way, I AM super excited about my new Julia cardigan :D

Julia Cardigan

It was really hard for me to sew it up because the weather was still SO HOT and it just felt weird to sew something that was actually making me sweat in the process because of its warmth. The actual construction was SOOO EASY!!!! NO HEMS! Man I love not having to deal with hem nonsense! I made the size L, following my upper bust measurements. I have quickly discovered that when I sew using my actual bust measurement, garments end up being GIGANTIC.

Julia Cardigan

 Well I was VERY happy to have already sewn it on Friday when a cold front blew in and we saw lows in the 40s. My wardrobe is seriously lacking in the cold weather department. Not only is it super warm but it is also super cozy! I got this awesome textured fabric from Joanne’s. I decided to line around it with a SUPER soft black knit that I had and I’m SO glad I did. the awesome textured stuff is pretty itchy so I’m very happy to have the black part be the only thing that touches the sensitive skin of my neck. I also like the dimension it adds to the look of the sweater :)

Julia Cardigan
I just realized I used the word “super” 4 times in 4 short paragraphs. 3 of which were all in the last. Instead of using a thesaurus, I’m just going to call myself out and  leave it in there :P

Julia Cardigan
I guess getting this was pretty cool because I already have my Bronte shirt cut out and ready to sew and even though I already mentioned that I’m not a sweat pant kind of girl, the weather IS getting colder and I could use some house pants and that pant pattern could fit the bill :) The bonus dress seems a little old marmy to me with the little modest flap over the cleavage.. I think if I can figure out how to get rid of that the dress will be a cute one, especially for the fall. My high school self is sitting here amazed at my lack of modesty and need for cleavage. All my friends used to make fun of me because I dressed like a school teacher when I was 15 and always hid my curves..  I guess in my 30’s I’m ready to be TOTALLY okay with my larger than average chest and I have no issues flaunting that shizznit. :D

8 thoughts on “Prepared for the Winter

  1. I gave in to the marketing too, so really good to see what others have made. I love the black lining, I may have to copy your idea when I sew mine!

    1. Haha isn’t it amazing how the more you see something the more you neeeed it? Ridiculous! I give you full permission to copy my lining idea and call it your own ;) I really do like this cardigan, I think this pattern was worth buying the bundle for.. Maybe :)

      1. So true! As the timer counted down I needed it more and more! The cardigan was my favourite but I convinced myself I needed those trousers too (I never wear anything like them, I have no idea what came over me!)

  2. I just barely managed to resist the PPP, but only by buying two oliver + s patterns for my kids (don’t ask me why or how this worked, but whatever). I do want the Julia Cardigan and may buy it separately! That’s the kind of thing I wear every. single. day. Otherwise, like you, I was a bit meh, “not my thing” on some of the other pieces. Don’t think I could get away with wearing the Hudson pants to my lawyer gig, although they would make adorable pj pants …

    1. Haha that totally makes sense to me! I finished that bronte top and jake even complemented me on it before I told him I made it, which is awesome :) I don’t regret buying the bundle but I’m not sure how many more things I’ll be making from it… Maybe another cardigan :)

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