My New Dress is Covered in Purple Ostriches!!!



This was selfish sewing week and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have sewn this up if I hadn’t had that in my mind. How fun to declare a week to sew for yourself? I used the Gathered Sundress pattern by Pattern Runway again. I really love the other dress I made but there were a few fit issues that I wanted to try and fix. So I did something I’ve never done before, which was to wear the dress and pinch out certain places and figure out how much to alter and where and then I just sort of altered the patterns from my measurements of the problems areas..


With the other dress, the armholes were kind of gapey in the front and the bodice was too long. So I took off a whole inch from the armhole part and redrew the curve from my bust point to the arm pit on the princess seamed bodice and I shortened all my bodice pieces by an inch and a half. I am SO happy with the results!! I’m really learning how NOT scary it is to alter women’s patterns  :)

Purple Ostrich Gathered Sundress

The pattern calls for a lining, but I skipped that part, mostly due to utter laziness… I didn’t FEEL like sewing EIGHT curved seams so I cut that number in half by eliminating the lining. The fabric is thick enough as it is and not at all sheer so I figured “whatever yay!” Around the neck and arm holes, I just made me some bias tape, finished the seams with that and tucked it all in so you can’t see it. ALSO can we talk about this fabric for a minute? OSTRICHES. Purple ostriches. I got this fabric not the last time I was in NYC, but the time before that. I had no idea what it was going to become, but I NEEDED IT. I don’t even like the color purple. Or I didn’t before this dress.. I think I’m changing my mind about the color. Apparently it looks good on me! I have never owned a purple garment before! I’m really sorry I have no idea who makes this stuff or which store I actually got it from, it is just mystery goodness.

Purple Ostrich Gathered Sundress

Sorry for the wrinkles in the back, but LOOK! I’m getting better at invisible zippers!! Mostly due to the fact that I bit the bullet and bought an invisible zipper foot.. Those things are actually very necessary. And amazing. I actually found a purple invisible zipper for this dress, which probably wasn’t even needed due to how awesome I set that thing in there :D Ahh little victories!

Purple Ostrich Gathered Sundress

As for those wrinkles.. I wore this out on the town (SANS kids!! I’m still recovering..) on Friday night so in order to get these pics taken today, I pulled the dress out of the hamper.. I know, gross but you gotta do what you gotta do, right?? It is normally a little smoother :)


I’m pretty sure I found my go-to pattern in this dress. It is fairly simple to put together, especially now that I’ve done it twice. The first one took me 3 weeks (but that included printing out and taping and tracing the pattern plus making 2 muslins), this one only took me 3 days! I think the cut of the dress is pretty attractive on me and I really like the style of it. I often peruse the internet for dress patterns that would look good on my body and usually come out empty handed. It is hard to find things that don’t make ladies with big knockers look bigger than they actually are around the middle.

Purple Ostrich Gathered Sundress

I actually have some GORGEOUS (and slightly expensive) fabric laying around waiting to become one of these dresses. I was just waiting to make sure I had the perfect pattern and fit before cutting it up  :) I know everyone is starting to sew for the Autumn/Winter season right now, but dude. I live in Texas. We are still in the 90’s and I can’t even think of warmer clothes. Plus I can just throw a cardigan over a dress and BOOM: winter wear. Hooray!

7 thoughts on “My New Dress is Covered in Purple Ostriches!!!

  1. So many wonderful things to say about this dress! First off that shade of purple is so cute on you! Secondly, I think you did such a fantastic job with the alterations! Oh and invisible zipper? What zipper! You did an awesome job there as well! Congrats to you for doing such a fantastic job!! It’s so awesome to have a “go to” pattern now that you know will look great on you!

  2. Ostriches! The dress is awesome. The regular print makes it not too wild. I was just telling my husband this weekend that I love those types of print. They just look geometrical from a distance but up close, they’re all kinds of fun.

  3. Dude. So with you there on trying to find dresses that don’t make big boobs look bigger! I think that’s the main reason I don’t sew for myself. However, I think that dress pattern just might work. :D Yay! I live in the Houston area. We have monster humidity to deal with along with the heat.

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