Fabric disappointment

Man! I bought this really adorable yellow flower/ pink strawberry fabric last week in NYC, super excited to make something cute for Millie out of it…. Want to see what happened after I washed it?

The color completely faded out and the outlines are grey now instead of black :( What the hell?!
I guess you really are taking chances when buying fabric at tiny little stores, you really don’t know what you’re getting until you get home! At least I only paid $6 for it :/

8 thoughts on “Fabric disappointment

  1. Wow. That’s really annoying. It isn’t so much the money but ending up with something that just isn’t what you wanted. Even if you decide to use it anyway, you never know. It might fade again!

    1. I know!! I’m afraid it will just be plain white after a couple more washes! It is super soft though, maybe I’ll just make a nightie out of it… Although Millie is not the biggest pj wearer, she’d rather just sleep in a day dress or her undies. :/ so annoying!

  2. I’m sorry. It’s so disappointing isn’t it? At least you didn’t spend much on it, and prewashed it. Honestly, I don’t prewash all my quilting fabric, and nothing smaller than a FQ goes in the machines, and thus, nothing that ends up in a project with small precuts gets washed either. At least you didn’t spend ages making it in to something lovely to have this happen.

    1. Oh god this is true! I never wash my quilt fabric either, but I ALWAYS wash my fabric that will be made into clothes. I think I would pass out if that happened after I took all the time to make something! There was one time when I used a red (unwashed) quilting fabric as a yolk for an outfit I made for Quinn… He if course chewed on it because he was a teething baby at the time and the red totally ran into the white and blue top :( I was kind of devastated!

      1. On kind of? And I’m not sure why, but I always find that red is the leakiest color when it comes to quilting cottons. I have a friend who hand washes the red strips from her jelly rolls, but I just consider a quilt that uses factory fresh fabrics as dry clean only for the first several washes.

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