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So I don’t know if you’ve seen any of the Blog Hop that has been going on around the ol’ blogosphere lately, but every Monday people from creative blogs have been answering a few questions and then nominating other blogs to so the same :)

I was actually nominated by TWO wonderful bloggers for the SAME day, which was totally awesome and made me feel in shock and amazing!

Michele from Swiss Army Wife always seems to have so many amazing creative endeavors going on (and I just found out all three of her children sew, and her daughter has a blog too!)

Bianca from Vintage on Tap is very sweet and has a great blog with lots of awesome vintage style inspiration and sewing tips.

 SOoo here we go!

apple picking

“Why do I write?”

Honesty? I have no idea, haha! I just really enjoy rambling on and on at the keyboard. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I’m a pretty big chatterbox by nature, and being a stay at home mom, I don’t do as much socializing as I used to.. I need to let it all out!

I think at first, I started this blog wanting to document my creations and also help other people out there who wanted to learn something about sewing. I originally wanted to have a lot of information and tools and tips and tutorials here. But MAN that got difficult fast, finding the time to really do that. I also kind of found my groove in just talking about the stuff I’ve made without actually teaching HOW I made it.. I guess I find more pleasure in bantering vs. teaching.. I also really like how having this blog has made me feel like there is more of a fire under my tush for actual sewing. When my friends or family ask me why I haven’t blogged, I feel like YES I need to sew more!!!! Thank you for reminding me! It holds me accountable  :)

I think once my kids start giving me a little more time again I’ll be able to expand a bit more than what I’ve been able to do so far.. I still really like the idea of being a resource in some capacity, it just really takes a little too much time and right now I’m in a place where I’d rather focus on the kiddos.. That and I find it impossible to distract Quinn.. What kid doesn’t like TV?? My kid, apparently!

“What am I working on?”

Well, since this is Project Run and Play month, I have a lot of that on my brain. But I’m not currently at home, I’m visiting my family so there isn’t a WHOLE lot happening. I’ve been REALLY into learning how to sew for myself so I guess you could say I’m currently working on finding the next pattern I want to sew for myself! I’ve been searching the internet ravenously for a dress pattern to match this AMAZING fabric I bought a little over a month ago.. There is no such thing as a “UFO” at my house because I’m the kind of person who only likes one project at a time and I finish it before I start a new one.

I AM at my parent’s house right now, though, and that is where that Juki is, so I might try to clean it out and see about shipping it back home to Texas with me… That will be a MAJOR project!

apple picking

“How does my blog differ from others of its genre?”

Um, does it? There are TONS of sewing blogs out there, so the idea is pretty unoriginal, but I guess every blog stands out in its own way because people are different. This one is unique because it is coming from MY personality and it features MY super amazing kiddos :)

apple picking

“How does my writing process work?”

There really isn’t much of a process.. I kind of just blab on. I have a project that I’m excited to share, so I take some pictures and then sit at the computer and talk about it. I don’t know exactly what I’m going to write until I do… I guess I’m sort of having a conversation right then and there.. So I guess that IS my process, just talk as if there is actually a person in front of me :)

So that is that!

Oh and by the way, I know these photos have nothing to do with this post, but I like having things to look at in blog posts so I put up some pictures of our apple picking adventures yesterday (poor Quinny slept through it all!)

apple picking

My nominations for next week are Raphaelle from Deux souriceaux, she makes beautiful clothes for her children and has some gorgeous photography. She even makes her own knits and then sews with them, whaat?? Color me impressed!

My other nomination is Susie at SusieDDesigns’ Blog. She makes incredible bags, which are not my “bag” so therefore they impress the heck out of me!

I also tried to reach out to Hungie Gungie, which is two sisters who blog, but they didn’t respond so I’m not sure if they will participate. I love the gorgeous lines and fabrics they choose when sewing for the kids. Also, beautiful photography.

So next monday check out who they nominate!

7 thoughts on “Blog Hoppity Hop

  1. Thanks so much for nominating my blog! I’m delighted and looking forward to adding my tuppence worth next week. Thanks so much for the lovely comments too. I enjoyed reading your post and related to your answers very much. Always enjoy reading/seeing what you’ve been up to. x :-)

  2. Wonderful! thank you for accepting the nomination and giving us a little insight into your world! I am SOOO impressed that I have eventually ‘met’ a sewist/crafter without a UFO or a landing strip – WOW! I really wish I knew how that was possible :-) I adore the pictures of the family and the last one especially. Thank you and happy blogging. Michele

    1. Of course! Thank you :) I know I had a little bit of a hard time answering the questions, I’ve never even thought about any of them before, it was kind of cool to really think about the whys and hows of blogging.

  3. Really lovely pictures!

    I totally understand about the blabbing on part in posts– it’s so easy to do and sometimes I personally have to reign it in when my post gets too long and out of hand! I think you do it really well, though, and it absolutely sounds like a conversation reading your posts.

    Also, having the accountability that others put on you is kind of cool, in a fun way. It shows people care when they don’t see you update!

    1. Thanks! We had a great time out there picking apples and I was really happy to get such nice pictures to remember it by :)

      I actually kind of like it when I read other blogger’s long run on posts, I feel like that is when the real personality pops out and I really enjoy that!
      About the accountability, it IS really cool! I’ve had a couple of my friends tell me they really missed my posts when I was slacking during the summer, it made me feel kind of awesome, like I’m not actually just doing this for myself lol!

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