Stripey Raglan Tank

I’m sitting here at my parents house with extra eyes on my kids, which lets me have more time to stare at my computer, woohoo!!.. I was going through some old pictures when I found THESE gems! I totally forgot to post about this shirt!

Stripey Raglan Tank Hack

Remember way back in the beginning of the summer when I was trying to alter the Oliver and S Raglan Tee a million different ways? Well this was one of them, I made it into a little boy tank for Quinn. A super easy hack on the pattern, I just cut a curve into the sleeve portion and folded it down, hemming it into the shirt portion all around… If that makes any sense…

Stripey Raglan Tank Hack

There isn’t anything super special about this, but I just wanted to share it. He wore this shirt quite a bit on our hot summer days! And mostly I just wanted to share THIS FACE.

Stripey Raglan Tank Hack

Anyways, I’m off to NYC today for a major fabric shopping trip and I am SO EXCITED!! I might have to give my niece some more of Millie’s clothes to make room for the fabric haul I expect to bring back :D Wish me luck and restraint! (or not!)

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