Happily Breaking the Rules!

I know Jake told me I couldn’t sew this weekend, but I TOTALLY cheated! I didn’t wake up early, but EVERYONE else in the family slept in, so I had a couple hours to myself, then once Jake DID wake up, he kindly fed the kids breakfast and let me finish my little project :) That project was the brand new Myrtle dress by Colette Patterns! When I saw this pattern, I knew I needed it and immediately bought it. I’ve been really into sewing knits lately and this dress looked like it would be pretty flattering on most people :)

Colette Myrtle

I traced the pattern out this week, then cut all the pieces out on Saturday morning and finished it all up on Sunday morning. There are two versions, one with shoulder tabs and one without, then also two lengths. I made the long one with tabs. The material I used was some SUPER soft slinky yet heavy (difficult to work with, honestly) knit I bought while in NYC. It was SOO slippy to work with! But totally worth it in the end because this dress is a DREAM to wear! I swear I feel like I’m in pajamas and I never want to take this off. Even with this ridiculous fabric, it was a SUPER fast sew. WELL, once I decided to NOT use the knit for the tabs. It took me over an hour trying to fiddle with the damn things. My machine was NOT cooperating, totally stretching the material out and making it super ugly, then once I actually got the general shape of the tabs together, the buttonhole situation was a total disaster. This is when I decided DUH! I can use some extra woven scraps from my stash and add a dash of color and interest! I used some of my leftover material that I had from my Briar Rose triangle quilt. I absolutely love the pop that orangey pink gives to the blue of the dress. Once I got that all figured out, the dress came together super fast. Even with the annoying issues the whole thing took about 3 hours to sew (half of which was spent fiddling with said tabs)

Colette Myrtle

I made the pattern exactly as drafted in a size M, which is where my measurements put me. It has pockets, which are totally fun, but I think next time I’ll omit them if I use this same material. I’m not sure how well slippy knit handles pockets. Also, it will make it an even faster project :) I liked the way they make you install the elastic at the waist, I’ve never done it that way and it makes it pretty nice, even on the inside:) The pattern calls for 1 inch elastic, but 3/4 is what I had so I used that and changed the seam allowances accordingly.

Colette Myrtle

So there we have it! I love wearing this dress!! It is so ultra cozy! Looking at these pictures, my boobs look kind of gigantic, but I guess they are gigantic so that is to be expected! Until I sew more of these dresses, this will be the go-to thing I wear from now on. I seriously never want to take it off. You know all those moms in yoga pants who like to look like they are going to or coming from the gym but in reality are just basically wearing PJs all around town? That will be me in this dress :D

Colette Myrtle

Anyways, like my Elsa braid? Lol, getting styling advice from little girls and cartoons over here, apparently. And I kind of love it! :)

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  1. OK, this is seriously gorgeous! Looks great on you too. Too bad I don’t have the figure nor the arms to wear this version, but if I had……yup, I’d be sportin’ a new dress my own self!! :lol:

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