Sweet Boy Looks So Good in Flamingo!

Also I apparently have an aversion to putting pants on Quinn, sorry and you’re welcome :)

So Good in Flamingo!

I sewed this shirt up over a month ago and it has been on heavy rotation ever since. I also took these photos over a month ago. I have been VERY bad at keeping up with my blogging… What can I say? Summer is here, Millie is home from school every day and I have a hard time getting my tush in front of my computer.(and sadly, my sewing machine) Can’t say I’m not enjoying myself though!

So Good in Flamingo!
Making a very important business call, Miami Vice style

Anyways, back to the shirt.. It is another Oliver + S sketchbook shirt, sewn in the 18 month size. I shortened the sleeves again because I just think the length of the sleeves in the pattern is a little too long. I DO love this pattern though, the way you put the yolk in is AWESOME and clean. It seems a little confusing in the directions, but when you figure it out it is like YES.

So Good in Flamingo!

I bought this fabric at my local quilt shop, A Quilter’s Folly. I saw it and immediately NEEDED it. I want a dress out of it too!! But I thought it would be amazing to make a little Hawaiian shirt for my little man. I mean seriously, HOW GOOD DOES HE LOOK IN FLAMINGO?? Jake said now that he has this shirt, I have set the precedent and Quinn forever needs all Hawaiian shirts. They are amazing.

So Good in Flamingo!

I actually sewed this up in ONE DAY, which was only possible because my parents were in town and the kids were properly distracted :) I even got the hand sewn collar down… I have to say this has been the best one I’ve ever done! I guess practice makes perfect because I’ve made quite a few collared shirts and there is always a little wonkiness in the collar, but this one looks fantastic! YAY!

So Good in Flamingo!

UGH just look at this handsome kid!! Those buttons are some awesome pearly things I got in a huge lot of randoms I bought on Ebay. I’m going to have to do that again soon, I am running VERY low on buttons…. It is always nice to have some perfect buttons right on hand, no trips to Joannes!

So Good in Flamingo!

Teehee, look at those little legs! I really want to take a bite out of them. This is kids clothes week and so far, day 5, I have barely even looked at my sewing machine. And when I did, it was for me, oops!  :(  Maybe next time.. I imagine some people see the summer as a time of relaxation and delving into hobbies, but I really have just been trying to keep the kids busy without relying on too much TV time.. And the kids are super brown and blonde to prove it, ha!

Anyways, I do have a few things I’ve made and not blogged about yet.. One is SUPER exciting, I just need Jake to take some pictures for me.. Yes, it was something for ME, YAY! Stay tuned!

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  1. At a place I used to work we had Hawaiian Shirt Fridays. Such great fun to wear! He looks so adorable and I love the little flamingos! I hope you make him many more :)

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