I Have Unearthed an Industrial Leather Juki Sewing Machine!

Honestly, I can’t even believe it. I am unsure how I lived THIS long without knowing there was an Industrial leather Juki sewing machine in my parent’s basement! It has been there for probably more than 25 years and I had absolutely NO IDEA! I just thought there was a big table covered in crap and random other more crap on top of it! (and yes, that is a velvet painting of Elvis) Apparently years ago, my parents offered to store some stuff for their friends when they downsized their house and it has been sitting there ever since. The original owner used to sew leather purses all the time.


The other night my parents and I were talking and out of no where they casually mentioned about it, I was like HOW DID YOU NOT TELL ME BEFORE?? So I ran down there to check it out. They didn’t even know what brand it was or anything. I started to remove all the random stuff that was all over the table and when I saw it I nearly jumped out of my skin!

photo (6)

I have a Juki overlocker and I LOVE it and am very aware of what great workhorse machines these are! I think I actually shrieked when I saw it, hah!

industrial juki

Unfortunately, since it has been under covers for that long, the only creatures that were able to acknowledge it’s presence were the mice and chipmunks that sometimes take up residence in that basement. So there is a bit of “bedding” and nut shells (and an old blue balloon??) at the needle plate, which I’m sure can be cleaned off pretty easily. I was just happy to not see any poop!

industrial juki

I guess I’m trying to decide if it would be worth it to actually clean it and oil it/ get it serviced by a professional and actually keep it (and ship it back to Texas). Also wondering if it is even possible to restore it. I tried moving things around and it all seemed pretty stiff, it has been in a moist basement that sometimes gets flooded and it hasn’t been touched in 25 years. Also, if I WERE to restore it, where the heck would I put it?? The thing is GIGANTIC. It is actually the entire table.

 The other fun things I found were BOXES and boxes of leather, zippers, zipper pulls, SO MANY templates for the purse designs, HUGE amounts of thread, I’m talking the biggest thread spools you ever did see!

ginormo thread spool

There were also boxes of baby tee shirts, I guess ready to embroider or applique in pinks blues and yellows. There are 2 huge bolts of black and brown velour and a huge bolt of interfacing. I also found all the specific Juki oil, which is awesome, but I have no idea WHERE on the machine  you are supposed to apply it (or if it is too late to do so).

I confiscated some of the rulers I found to bring back home with me, one was a bust dart altering ruler, the other was a smaller french curve. I just bought a big one recently, but this small one will come in handy for my kid clothes :)

I seriously have no clue how this gem was hidden for SOOO long, but as I was going down to the basement, I had a slight idea that maybe it was this HILARIOUSLY creepy light switch to get there…

creepy clown faceThis is was SO much fun finding all these serious treasures. I felt some some sort of archaeologist uncovering a special discovery, I know not everyone would get as excited as I was, but I swear my heart was aflutter the whole time! SO what should I do? Anyone have any experience with restoring old machines? Specifically Juki LU-563… What would you do?

10 thoughts on “I Have Unearthed an Industrial Leather Juki Sewing Machine!

  1. If you dont take it you will constantly be thinking about how you should have taken it! I saw this amazing art deco vanity that I talked myself out of buying because where would i put it and now i am sad i didnt do it! Maybe make a little leather workshop for yourself in the garage (if you cant find a place inside!). Im sure with a little elbow grease you can get that baby working again!

  2. What a great find! That spool of thread is a bit scary though.
    I am fairly certain I won’t be able to unearth something like this in my parents’ basement…

  3. I’d get all giddy too if I came across a find like that. All that leather and purse templates and velour and – oh my! I’m getting all worked up just going over the list again. My guess is you will NOT be happy if you leave all that behind, even if it does cost to get the machine in working order.

    1. I know!! I’m leaving tomorrow so that makes me not have any time to actually do anything, and I certainly can’t take those huge bolts back right now.. But I’ll be back in 2 months and my parents are actually moving to TX in a few years, so I’m thinking I’ll wait until they move so I can get them to take it on the moving truck instead of shipping it for GOD knows how much money.. It will just be so hard to wait now that I know it is all there!!! I figure I’ll do some research and see what my options are at this point.. It is just SOOO exciting that it is there!

      1. If I know me (and I do pretty well, all things considered), I’d be chomping at the bit to have that in my house RIGHT NOW. I guess it does make more sense to actually do some research first, and to have a plan about where to put it when it gets there. But oh the impatience I’d be feeling!!

  4. Oh my goodness what a find! I definitely wouldn’t pass this up at all. Where there’s a will, there’s a way- and I think that Juki just needs a little TLC to get back on track. I’ve worked with Jukis at school and they’re absolutely amazing– I think it’d be worth it to spend the time on it. The machine looks like it still has some life in it!

  5. Oh my goodness, the LU-563 would be a dream. Just like my 562 but with a big bibbin. I hope that machine now resides in your house. I would refurb that in a heartbeat, and pay for shipping too!
    One catch though, the Elvis Painting should always go with the machine. Those two items just look right together.

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