Put a Bird on it!

This was actually the FIRST flipped raglan that I made, it just took me forever to get the camera in front of Millie while she was wearing it!

tiny box pleat raglan

Again, the pattern is the Oliver + S raglan tee. All these could easily be done with any raglan pattern, that is just the one I happen to have :)

tiny box pleat raglan

I can’t believe how hilariously perfect this photo shoot was, and I didn’t even realize it until editing the pictures! While we were at Joanne’s she REALLY wanted a bird house, so I had her pick one out with some paint. The deal ended up that she would pose for pictures as soon as she finished painting it. She then made sure that said birdhouse would be a photo prop since she was so excited about it.. HELLO, bird house? Bird shirt? Can’t be more perfect!

tiny box pleat raglan

When Jake saw her wearing a bird shirt, he of course quoted Portlandia and said “Put a bird on it, Millie”. She of course didn’t recognize the joke so she so innocently replied “But already has birds, Daddy!” Hilarious.

tiny box pleat raglan

Doing this flip was fun and easy. I wanted a little more structure than just a gather so I made little box pleats in the front neckline. I just took the front bodice pattern and laid it a few inches away from he fold in the fabric and just cut it wider than it should be. Then I eyeballed the little box pleats until they fit the width that the neck should be normally. I pressed the dickens out of them and then basted them in place before putting the rest of the pattern together.

tiny box pleat raglan

Again, since it is summer, I just shortened the sleeves. Very basic alteration there.

  tiny box pleat raglan

The bird fabric I used was leftover from my plantain tank (got it from a local shop, not sure the make) and the blue was leftover sparkly knit (Joanne’s) from the Culebra dress I made her. Woohoo, I love being able to squeeze out extra leftovers to make something else awesome!!

tiny box pleat raglan

I don’t know why I never thought to take pictures in “sport mode” on the camera before. Kids move FAST and most of my photos come out blurry. Not with this setting! I got fun shots of her jumping in the air, “fly like a bird!”

tiny box pleat raglan

My other raglan flips (so far) are here and here. I already have another sewn up waiting to be blogged :) This really is fun making lots of different things from the same pattern! I certainly have gotten my money’s worth, lol!

tiny box pleat raglan

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  1. A perfect fotoshooting! The ranglan is super cute, love the fabric. And the little birdhouse is a nice pop of color in the pics. Well done!

  2. Super cute raglan! I love the colors!

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