Some Super Summer Sewing


Wow, has it been this long since I last posted?! I have been sewing though  :)


I have been pretty into easy quick sewing lately and I wanted to explore how many different ways I can flip one raglan pattern. This was actually unintentional, but after I made 2, I thought it would be fun to explore all the different modifications I could make to one easy pattern.  So far I’ve sewn 3, but I totally have plans for more in the near future! Knits are SO wonderful for the summer, they are quick to sew and comfortable to wear.


The one raglan tee pattern I own is the Oliver + S one but I’m sure they are all pretty similar. I sewed this one up in a 12-18 months size for my little 13 1/2 monther. Hopefully he’ll be able to wear it for a while :)


For this one, I just really shortened the sleeves. SUPER EASY. But I love it. I think I have a really unhealthy love for raglans. I’m not really into sports, but even in High school I remember I was always attracted to boys in baseball tee’s.. And I do love when Jake wears them ;)


This fabric? I LOVE IT. I got it from Fabricworm, it is organic and lovely. And I didn’t even realize the little birds on the deer until I owned it, which makes me love it more! The sleeves were actually cut from a pair of soft maternity pants that hopefully I will never miss..  :)


Of course, the first day Quinn wore this, I fed him spaghetti and tomato sauce and stained it immediately, even using a bib (which I am usually horrible at actually utilizing)! Thank goodness I bought enough fabric to make another one, YAY!


Okay, that last picture has nothing to do with this shirt, but Millie’s face KILLS me.. And it is SORT of relevant since she is wearing (and can still fit into!) the “signature style dress” from the first time I participated in Project Run and Play :)

…Maybe I should make some sort of summer series to see how many different looks I can get from this pattern.. What do you think? :)


OH and in case anyone is wondering about Quinn’s little black thumb nail, it is NOT nail polish, poor thing smashed it up on mother’s day.. Turned purple immediately. I’m just waiting for the poor little nail to fall off *shudder* Boys will be boys?

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