Little Camper Shirt

Little Campers shirt

When I saw this camper fabric, I knew I NEEDED to have it! After years of pining for one, Jake bought a tiny little retro camper for our family to take on vacations with last month. These little campers on the fabric are almost exactly like the one we bought, it is too perfect for words!

Little Campers shirt

I only bought a half yard, so I had to SQUEEZE it out as much as possible to make this shirt. There wasn’t enough for everything, which is why I used the brown for the back yolk, which I love love love what the color difference adds to the design!

Little Campers shirt

The pattern I used was the Oliver & S Sketchbook shirt. I’ve sewn this together once before, when I made Quinn’s little kilt last year. When I made it last time though, I was out of town and using my sister’s sewing machine, and I also had forgotten to buy interfacing so it was a little floppy. The one I made last time was 6-12 months, which he still fits into and wears pretty often. But this time I decided to go with the 12-18 months so he could wear it a little longer :)

Little Campers shirt

The only modification I made was shortening the sleeves. As much as I do think the sleeves are just a little a little too long for my liking in the pattern, I actually did this as a necessity because of the tiny amount of fabric I had. I am seriously amazed that I was able to pull this off with only 1/2 yard!

Little Campers shirt

I also used the collar in view B out of the need for using less fabric, but honestly I LOVE it! I totally prefer the little collar!

Little Campers shirt

Anyways, I’m SO mad that for some reason I didn’t think of taking a picture of him standing in front of our trailer in this shirt.. DUH! I wasn’t really thinking “photo shoot” when I shot this pictures, I was just thinking “ooh he’s wearing the shirt! I should take some photos!” You can see a little part of it in this pic, but not the shape. I’m an idiot! Also, does anyone else see this little gerber baby mouth and little curl above his ear? I DIE. This kid is so ridiculously adorable.

      Little Campers shirt

…Sorry for the lack of his pants, and also, you’re welcome for the baby chunk legs!

Little Campers shirt

The only thing I don’t like about this pattern is the hand stitching of the collar, but that is just me being lazy and I’m pretty sure that is standard in collared shirts. It took me 3 days to complete this shirt, but again that was my own business (it only took me one day the first time I sewed it). I much prefer the quick sews lately when it comes to sewing for the kids, but I really love the professional outcome of the garments that take more time. I also love the little box pleat in the back, it was beyond easy to sew with the instructions. Oliver and S are always amazing with their instructions!

Little Campers shirt

I hope everyone had a fantastic Mother’s day yesterday! I didn’t actually get any sewing in, but I did enjoy my little family and Jake was awesome, he totally deep cleaned the kitchen for me! It seriously sparkles now!! I am one lucky lady!!

Millie is getting a little jealous that all the sewing I’ve been doing has been for either Quinn or myself, so my next project will have her in mind :) I’ve already started cutting and I’m pretty excited!

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  1. Those baby chunk legs are fabulous!! Cute shirt too…

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