Old Bias Trim, New Tank Top!

Yay for summer!! It is currently 91 degrees out and we are about to take our first dip into the neighborhood pool! But before we leave, I wanted to show everyone my new shirt I made today!

Old bias trim, new tank!

I am really excited that I’m able to sew for myself now! It makes me way more excited about having to get new wardrobes for the seasons! (I can not stand shopping) I bought this fabric about a month ago at a local shop and I’ve been wondering what to make with it. This morning I came up with the genius plan to make myself a summer tank! And then trim it with my old leftover bias that I used on my drunkard’s path quilt :)

Old bias trim, new tank!

Turns out there is no reason you need to use knit trim around a knit tank! Why not use woven?? I feel like it just adds a little more stability to the shirt and I love the different look it gives.

Old bias trim, new tank!

I used the free Plantain Tee pattern by Deer and Doe. Obviously you will want to use pattern that has a big enough neck opening to get your head through since the woven material won’t stretch :) The only change to the pattern I made was just eyeballing cutting the arm holes, since I wouldn’t need seam allowances and I wanted to make the straps more narrow than the tee shirt would allow.

Old bias trim, new tank!

I just LOVE this new tank! It took probably an hour from start to finish, it would have taken even less time if Quinn didn’t want to sit on my lap while I was trying to put the trim on. Even though I’m excited to go swimming, I’m SUPER sad I can’t wear it to the pool! I KNOW, silly, but I love it!!

2 thoughts on “Old Bias Trim, New Tank Top!

  1. it is beautiful, i love the birds fabric, and the bias ‘lift’ it up to a more cheerful level.
    enjoy your swin! i’m going to light up some fire , it’s cold :p

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