Little Sack of Potatoes!

Potato sack

I am absolutely LOVING the warmer weather (it has already been in the 90’s here in TX) because warm weather means lots more BABY SKINS!!! Once you take off those long sleeves and pants you realize what an absolute shame winter is because you don’t get to enjoy chewing on and squeezing your baby’s little fatty deposits as much!

Potato sack

I bought a bunch of fabric last week, mostly because I saw a print I absolutely NEEDED (more on that later) but then I had to buy $50 to get free shipping (that makes sense, riiiight?) so I ended up with a few 1/2 yards of some ADORABLE fabric, most of which screamed “QUINN!!” to me. This particular gem is a double gauze made in Japan with adorable giraffes on it! This is the link to where I bought it, unfortunatly it is sold out now though (don’t worry I didn’t spend $10 for the half yard, it was on sale) It is SOOO soft it is ridiculous!

Potato sack

I based the pattern on what I had done with the Oliver & S Popover sundress flip the first time I participated in Project Run & Play. Can you believe that thing I made when he was 4 months old still fits him?? It has been my favorite thing to put on him and I think I will cry when he finally grows out of it!

Potato sack

I traced around the yolk of the existing outfit and added 1/2 inch seam allowances all around. To make the bodice, I measured how long I wanted it, allowing some length for the hem, made it extra wide for pleats and poofs, and curved around the outside edge. I gave a little curve for the crotch opening. I made some straps and a bit of bias to encase the crotch seam.

Potato sack

First thing I did was sew the straps into the yolks. Then I made some pleats in the body of the outfit, then sewed the front and back together. I folded over the arm holes to hem them, then encased the body into the yolks. It is pretty awesome how this outfit is Daddy proof, it is exactly the same in the back and front! (Jake is famous for putting Millie’s dresses on backwards and sending her off to school, leaving me laughing when I pick her up later)

Potato sack

To close up the bottom, I hemmed the legs leaving room for 1/4 inch elastic, put that in with a safety pin and sewed them shut. Then I closed up the crotch seams with my bias tape, added some KAM snaps for easy diaper access and then VOILA I was done!

Potato sack

Seriously. I can not handle the potato sackiness. JUST LOOK AT ALL THAT SKIN. I don’t know why wrapping babies up in huge soft material is SO satisfying. It just makes something adorable almost unbearably adorable! Kind of like wrapping a cat in a blanket! (am I the only one who feels this way?)

Potato sack

And let’s not leave this tidbit of info out! This past Sunday Quinn decided “hey, I think today is the day I will decide to walk.” And he did! We officially have a walker, people!! My baby is growing up!! *TEARS*

Potato sack

He doesn’t seem all that into walking on the grass, however. haha!

Potato sack

I’m pretty sure this type of outfit will be Quinn’s summer uniform and I plan on completely perfecting this little pattern. So look out for some sort of tutorial in the future!

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  1. So cute, congratulations! Greetings from Greece!

  2. Not only is the name of the Romper adorable… the giraffe fabric is amazing!! I love giraffes and we always carry our kids around calling them ‘little sacks of potatoes’.

  3. Oh a love me a good romper. So sweet. Thanks for linking up to Inspire Us Thursdays on The Inspired Wren.

  4. Cute romper and adorable baby! Thanks for sharing at Submarine Sunday.

  5. oh how, how adorable! i love rompers it’s kind of an obsession ;). i sewed up a few myself the last weeks. love your pics. is there anything cuter than a baby in a romper?

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