Another Washi Attempt

Washi II

I actually made this over a month ago, it has just taken me forever to get Jake to take pictures of me in it! I wanted to try and perfect this pattern since it is really cute, comfortable and easy to slip on and off for the spring and summer months. I found that my first washi dress was still a little big around the middle, so I wanted to do a real FBA (Full bust adjustment) instead of just moving the darts down. I clearly don’t have a firm grasp on how to do a real working FBA and went through a few more trial and mostly error muslins before I came up with this end result… Which still isn’t perfect!

Washi II

…Man, I wish I had ironed this dress before taking photos! Anyways, This time around with the FBA I made darts in the front to cinch in the waist area a little bit to show that I actually have one. I think next time I’ll try to start with the size M instead of L and do a proper FBA on that size. The back of the dress still seems a little gapey above the shirring lines. OH those shirring lines, by the way.. I think there are like 20 of them on my dress, where the pattern calls for 6. But the pattern is also an empire waist, when that is what I mostly changed. I really like the addition of all those shirred lines.

Washi II

This close up pic makes me feel even MORE “meh” about this version, which sucks because I ADORE the fabric! Look at those viewfinder cards!! It was an Echino that I picked up at a local fabric shop. I totally splurged on it, the fabric is $20 a yard, but I got it for 20% off, which I still thought was pricey! But I really loved it and very much wanted to make a dress with it! I know it looks better ironed, but even then, it is a bit too loose around the armpits and the shoulders are a bit gapey. I keep meaning to get back to it and adjust the shoulder seams to take it in a little bit, but I’m pretty lazy about fixing something when I’m finished with it. I’ve worn it already a bunch of times, so clearly it doesn’t bother me THAT much! Also, the looseness of it makes nursing a breeze, so at least I have that!

Washi II

I feel like I have strayed SO far from the original pattern at this point that the actual Washi Dress pattern is a mere suggestion. I still love that weird U cutout (even though that is the first thing to go floppy without a proper press) and the back is pretty much the same. I just lengthened it to fit along with the added length of the bodice and also because I like a longer dress in the springtime. But I still think it is a cute idea and once I finally get the bodice down to where I’m super happy, I think I could pump a bunch of these out. Everything comes together like a breeze and I just LOVE pockets in dresses!

Washi II

So I hear this is selfish sewing week? That is awesome because I feel like I’m on a roll!! The weather is getting hotter and I’m desperately in need of more dresses and tank tops!!  :D

Happy sewing!!

7 thoughts on “Another Washi Attempt

  1. This looks great! I have this pattern too, but haven’t made it yet as felt it may not be so flattering- your addition of shirring lines really helps with this.

    1. Thanks! I must have done like 7 muslins before I came up with this one.. I keep thinking it needs to be more fitted! But then again this pattern seems like it was meant to fit loose so maybe I’m fighting a losing battle? I’m happy enough with both versions I made. You should give it a whirl, I’ve seen some great versions out there in the interwebs!

  2. This is fabulous! I actually just saw this fabric at a store today…30% off! I was wondering what size Washi you made and how much fabric you used. With the pattern and the 66″ fabric width, I wasn’t sure how much I should get. Thanks!!!

  3. This is FABULOUS!! I actually just saw this fabric today at a local store….for 30% off!!! Can I ask you what size Washi you made and how much fabric you used? I wasn’t sure do to the pattern of the fabric and the 66″ fabric width. Thanks!!!

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