Burda Bib Dress Joy!


I am SO excited! I made an AWESOME dress that I just love!! And to top it off, there were zero photos in the instructions but I was able to pull it off anyway, making me feel SUPER confident in my sewing abilities!! This is major since I haven’t sewn much for myself, even though I’ve made countess things for the kiddos.


The dress is the Burda Bib dress pattern #120. It looks a little different on me than the model because, well, I have boobs and curves where she doesn’t! This dress has such cute details, which you really can’t see because of the busy triangle pattern of the material. But I know it is there, lol! My favorite feature is the row of tiny buttons holding the top together. I’m so mad I didn’t actually get a good photo of that last night because that darn lanyard is in the way..


Speaking of that lanyard, last night I got to debut the dress at a fancy gala for MJ&M (Mack Brown, Jack Ingram and Matthew McConaughey) which is a foundation that raises money for children’s programs (athleticism, arts and special needs). The cause is actually awesome (I got teary eyed at the promotion videos) and it is SO fun watching mega rich people throw crazy amounts of money down at a live action whilst sipping on free wine and eating steak dinner. :D We got to go and pretend to be fancy since Jake donated a few art pieces to be in the silent auction. Pretty awesome!


Helloo, red carpet!!

Back to the dress… The material I used was Mojave Illuminated by Leah Duncan for Art Gallery fabrics. I saw it in an email and fell in love, then saw another email from a local fabric shop, The Common Thread, where she was having a 20% off sale, SCORE!!!!! It is a SUPER soft voile and I feel like I’m wearing pajamas in it. It is a bit shear, I lined it with a soft white cotton batiste.. And borrowed a slip from my mother-in-law, ha!


The back has this awesome pin tuck that I love oh so much. all the drapey-ness makes it SO comfortable to wear.


The details were a little time consuming, but totally doable. The little notches to catch the buttons are little tiny tubes of fabric, where I had to turn them inside-in using a darning needle because it was so tiny. I had a bit of a hard time with that, but once I figured it out without tearing the fabric, it was easy.


The “bib” part is actually under the boobs (is there a better way of saying that, lol?) and that is where the pretty gathers in the front are focused.


The bodice is totally lined so it looks very clean and professional on the inside as well as out, which makes me happy :)


I made a muslin first and the only thing I changed was lengthening the bodice about an inch, slashing just under the armpit and just above the bust curve. I find that my boobs sit much lower than all these pattern maker’s, lol! But this wasn’t as extreme as the 4 inches I had to move the Washi dress darts! That was crazy.


Soo this is the part of the post where the pictures get silly. Early on in the night, I complemented our cocktail waitress on her hair. From that point forward, my glass of wine was never empty! She was RIGHT on top of us making sure we were topped off! I guess I don’t get away from the kids much, and so when I do it is like letting the bird out of a cage and apparently I go nuts!


I was feeling VERY “happy”, which probably wasn’t very classy, lol! Hopefully we will still be invited back next year after our shenanigans!


Another thing that has me sort of excited is that I scoured the internet for other people’s versions of this dress.. and found none! Am I really the first blogger to sew this?? Well other people should because it is AWESOME and I feel like I can wear it both to the supermarket and to a fancy gala. How many dresses do you have that are so versatile?? LOVE IT!

8 thoughts on “Burda Bib Dress Joy!

  1. I absolutely adore your version of that dress! I’m planning to make it myself and I’m happy I found your photos because now I know how the dress will look like on my figure – I’m closer to you in curves than to the Burda’s model!… *^v^*
    Lovely fabric and great fit!

    1. HA yes, that statue is right outside of the venue where we were, pretty awesome! Thank you so much!! I was really impressed with how professional the pattern turned out! And to be honest I am pretty impressed with myself too, LOL!

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