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This whole month was eaten up by PR&P but I can’t get the selfish sewing bug out of my system! Actually, I have a dress I made for myself about a month ago but still haven’t been able to get Jake to take a photo of me in it so I can blog about it.. And I’m still not 100% about the sleeves, I might try to seam rip and alter them a little bit..  Anyways, I think the stars are aligning for me to get my butt back into gear! :)

Remember how I bought that Burda bib dress pattern a while back? Well like a dope, I found some decent fabric for it on, but wasn’t 100% sure about it so I delayed pressing the “purchase” button for a few days.. Only when I did, the fabric was no longer available and there wasn’t anything else I found that really spoke to me.

Then I got a newsletter from Hawthorne Threads, I think, talking about a new line of voiles. There was a perfect design on the fabric that I just fell in love with! I planned on buying it as soon as I got to my computer. THEN there was another email from one of my local fabric shops, The Common Thread, saying there was a 20% discount going on this week and there was a picture of the VERY FABRIC I was about to buy online full price!! YAYYY!!! There is also that added benefit of seeing it in person before purchasing and making sure that I REALLY love it (And that it isn’t see through!)

So as soon as Quinn wakes up from his nap, I’m whisking him away to the shop and grabbing it before it is all gone :D I can’t wait!

I thought I’d also share this super sad picture of Quinn since yesterday was his FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!!! I can’t believe my baby isn’t an official baby anymore! *excuse me while I shed my own tears*

I don’t think he liked the chocolate cake! :(


Don’t worry, we cheered him up with barbeque and presents afterwards :)

Happy sewing!

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  1. I’m getting completely burnt out on making children’s clothes! I too just want to sew for me now. My girls could use some T-shirts and skorts but I’m just feeling done. One more thing to finish and then, it’s all me! I’ve prepared a pattern for me (Colette Crepe) and am going to make a muslin of the top today to see if I need to adjust it. And then, I’ll be using some beautiful voile to make myself a beautiful dress…

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