Rainbow Twirls

*Warning: There are zero edited photos today, for some reason my photoshop is acting up! So there are hilarious Quinn photobombs sprinkled throughout this post!*


Yay it is the fourth week of Project Run and Play! And of course, that means it is signature style week.


I can say my style for kids clothes has absolutely evolved over the time I’ve been sewing. Even from the start of this blog! I used to mostly sew with quilting cottons. I loved making little princess dresses for Millie.


Of course, I had more time (and fewer pulls for my attention) before Quinn was born.


These days have been all about quick and comfortable clothes for the littles :) That means lots of knits and speedy sewing using my serger! That is why I wanted to make a dress for Millie with this FANTASTICALLY soft rainbow knit I found at one of the local shops here. And it only took part of an afternoon to make, which is really what I’ve been all about these days! I love being able to take something from start to finish while Quinn is napping!


I didn’t follow any pattern, which is also what I have been into lately.. just drafting things out for myself. I used a nice fitted tee of Millie’s to make the bodice. Then I took the sleeves and fluttered them out a bit to match how swingy I wanted the skirt. Sigh, I remember way back in January how I promised I would make a tutorial on altering sleeve patterns?.. I swear it will happen one day! (again, with the lack of time,  notice I’ve been blogging about once a week instead of once a day like I used to)


I measured how far I wanted to skirt to fall and made that the length, adding 1/2 inch for seam allowance.


Then I took the material, folded it into quarters to make a circle skirt. I cut about 3 1/2 inches down from the point to get the proper circumference, then measured out from there in increments to get the length and cut the curve where I wanted it. There are millions of circle skirt tutorials out there, they are pretty darn easy and awesome!


And did I mention twirly?


Millie just ADORES this dress, as soon as I was finished, she wanted me to take pictures of her. I couldn’t even talk her into going outside! She wanted me to take the photos RIGHT THEN AND THERE. Sometimes you just have to pick your battles! (and have not so gorgeous photos!)


She was bouncing around going nuts, we even had a play date to go to and she was more excited about posing in her new dress than going to play with her friend! She made me take over 100 pictures! She is a very silly girl :)


So I’ll just leave you with a few more jumping pictures because they were just too much fun :) Head on over to PR&P and check out the other talented people sewing up awesome outfits!

   IMG_6628 IMG_6631 IMG_6632

7 thoughts on “Rainbow Twirls

  1. I love how twirly this dress is! Perfect for a little girl! I also like the way you put the stripes on the skirt so they arch when she stands still. (Which doesn’t look like it happens very often :) )

    1. You know, I didn’t even realize it arched like a rainbow until you pointed that out! Double awesome! Thank you! And no, this girl does not stand still very often, lol!

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