Sunprinted Dress!


So this is week 3 of Project Run and Play! This week we had to actually design the fabric that we were using. I decided to do sunprinting :D Remember that awesome paper that you could put flowers and other stuff on top of, leave it in the sun and then POOF there would be a negative imprint on the paper of whatever you put on it? Well Millie and I did that with fabric! SUPER FUN!


I got this dye called “Dye na Flow” from Joanne’s and bought a couple yards of white sateen cotton. While Quinn napped on a sunny day last week, I asked Millie to join me in the yard collecting whatever flowers and pretty leaves she wanted to use. We got a few dandelions, clovers, wisteria, maple leaves, and other random bits of nature. I laid out a black garbage bag that I had cut open. I asked Millie to soak the fabric in a bucket and help me stretch it out over the garbage bag.


We then went to town squirting the fabric with the dye:) Millie had a BLAST and I’ll admit, so did I! After we thought there was enough dye squirted on, we used a couple kitchen sponges and, soaking them in water, pressed them all around the fabric to help spread the dye. Then it was time for putting the leaves and flowers on. This was also SUPER fun. The hard part was waiting!


After a couple hours, we went back outside for the big reveal. It WORKED!!!! I was seriously crossing my fingers and had some doubts that this would actually happen. It was SO awesome! I can’t believe how vivid the colors were and how sharp the outlines were!


Millie was dancing around holding the fabric exclaiming “This is the BEST DAY EVER!!” She was trying to wear the yards of fabric pretending that it was already a dress, lol!


I decided to keep the dress design simple so you could see the prints, but also loose since it has sort of a hippy tye-dye vibe.


Millie let it be known that she wanted some ruffles at the bottom, which I was totally into since I just bought a gathering foot for my serger and I wanted to try it out, YAY and FUN! I want to ruffle EVERYTHING now!!


I measured Millie’s body from the shoulders to where I wanted it to fall. I then measured how long I wanted the bodice part to be. So when I drew out the pattern, I made it 25 inches long, kept the top square until 6 inches, then A-lined it out from there to the bottom. The front and back uses the same pattern piece. I used a zigzag stitch to put on some elastic to cinch in the waist. I used my new gathering foot to sew some ruffles to the bottom, then sewed the 2 sides together.


I made some bias tape, folded over the front and back of the dress, creating a casing and used a safety pin to put the bias trim through the front and back. Tied a little bow on the one side and there were the straps :)


I’ve been totally digging the longer dresses, so sweet! I love how sort of 70’s the design of this dress came out!


And before you tell me, I know, I know, my sister already pointed out that this dress has pot leaves all over it…. they were MAPLE LEAVES!! I was not thinking of pot, but now it is hilarious. Jake told me that he didn’t want me sending Millie off to school in this dress because the teachers might think we are some crazy parents, lol! I guess we know what she can wear to Burning man or Marley Fest, HAHA! OOPS!


I went out this afternoon wanting to take some pictures in the clouds before the storm came in, and wouldn’t  you know it, the sun came out in FULL FORCE right when we were out there! Aren’t these little yellow wildflowers so beautiful? I just love springtime!


This girl can be SUCH the model when she wants to be!!


So there you have it, our little accidental hippy pot leaf looking sun printed dress!! It was so much fun to make! I was doubtful when I first read about creating your own fabric, but this was so awesome to have such a neat project that Millie and I could share! I have a feeling I have a few more of these in my future! Next time I’ll avoid the Maple! LOL! So thanks, Project Run and Play for making us think outside the box!

7 thoughts on “Sunprinted Dress!

  1. Just tell them it’s hemp, not pot! Joking aside, I like this dress a lot. I’ve never been able to rock the hippie style but it looks adorable on kids (adults, well, it depends). I’ve been wanting to try sun printing too. I was thinking it might be a cool Summer project with the girls…

    1. Thank you! I know kids can pull off SO much that would be a stretch for adults, lol! Although maybe it is more appropriate for an adult to wear something that looks like pot leaves? heehee.. You should TOTALLY do this with your girls! It was super fun from start to finish. Usually one or both of us get a little bored during certain art projects, but this was so big and hands on that we were both enthralled! It was nice to feel just as excited and curious as my daughter during a project :)

  2. I truly love how that fabric came out and I truly have to try this out with my girl too. I love the simple lines of the dress, it’s wonderful. Congrats, great job!

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