I Want to go back to Culebra!


I didn’t think I would make this week’s Project Run & Play, but I totally did, by the skins of my teeth! This week’s challenge is to make an outfit inspired by your favorite vacation spot. It is absolutely no contest for me. I love the beach and I’m pretty sure I’ve been to the best one in the world. It is Flamenco Beach in Culebra, a little island off Puerto Rico. We have been there twice now. Jake recently said we will probably never go back, but it is the most beautiful place I have ever been to in my entire life. The water is SOOO clear and gorgeous, the sand is SO white and clean. The coral reef is RIGHT THERE so you can just pop on your goggles and see amazing fish without having to get on a boat.

Here are a couple pics of our most recent family trip, where you can see the gorgeous shade of blue the water gives and the super beautiful sand. And cute pics of the family :)



I decided I wanted to keep things simple and make Millie a comfortable dress representing the water at the beach. I found this sparkly knit material at Joanne’s. The blue is almost spot on to the color of the ocean. I wanted to represent the waves of the ocean by doing a little subtle wave effect on the sides of the dress. It is a long dress because that is what Millie asked for :) After all, she will be the one wearing it!


The material is light and slinky, it seems like it will be perfectly airy for the summer time :)


I made the side waves first, before cutting out any pieces. That way I could know for sure how wide the measurements were. I then just used a tee shirt pattern for the neckline and sleeves, modifying it a little bit, taking in the sleeves to account for the rib knit and also since it would be a tank dress instead of sleeved. I then took it in a little on the sides giving room for the waves. I cut the front and back pieces a bit A- lined. Then I serged everything together and added the ribbing at the neck and arm holes.


I decided to not hem the bottom because I wanted it to be flowy like water. I also thought it would be pretty to let the bottom of the waves fan out a little to give it some more movement. That decision caused some annoying seam ripping, but it was well worth it, I love the look :)


Millie Is very excited about this dress, which of course makes it all worth while :) I hate when she doesn’t like something I make for her!


This looks like it is  possibly thee most comfortable thing I’ve ever sewn. I am kind of jealous!


I’m pretty proud of this one, folks! I think it totally represents the awesome beach of Flemenco! If anyone is ever out in Puerto Rico, PLEASE do yourself a favor and take the annoyingly difficult to board ferry over to the most amazing place you will ever be in your life, the island of Culebra, it is way beyond worth it!! (if you are a beach person!)


14 thoughts on “I Want to go back to Culebra!

  1. I am hoping to swallow my nervousness and venture into making things for babies. My niece is expecting twins and I just found out over of my cousin’s is expecting triplets. My niece is in love with these necktie shaped bibs she saw on etsy. The Aunt that I am I hope to recreate then for her. It couldn’t be that difficult.
    I adore this dress and am glad your model loves it!

    1. Oh my goodness so many multiples!!!! So exciting! I have total faith you can pull it off :) my first project was a dress for Millie! You can only learn from doing, right? You will have the luckiest nieces/nephews ever!

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