Take Me to the… Circus!

Holy Moly can you believe it is time for Project Run & Play AGAIN ALREADY!!?


For some reason I thought it started next week, heh heh.. But for reals I love the motivation and inspiration it gives me to sew for the little ones. This first week’s challenge was to create a look inspired by a favorite animal, without actually being a costume of said animal. I had a really tough time thinking of what I was going to do. Then last month we took the kids to Cirque du Soleil and I asked Millie if she loved it, she said yes but she likes the circus’ with the animals in it better. Oh well, child, you will soon prefer the people circus to the animal circus! OH and I can’t leave out the awesome fact that Quinn clapped for the VERY FIRST TIME there! He clearly loved it :D Anyways, mix that with the fact that we have been eating popcorn pretty much EVERY NIGHT since Christmas, when my mom gave us an air popper. So the combo of popcorn and Circus made me think of circus lions! And I had JUST the fabric for the pants! Amazing popcorn box looking red and white vertical stripes!


I thought it would be SO cute to give a nod to the lion’s mane by adding a little furry element to the shoulders of a cute tank for Quinn.


This all came together REALLY quickly. I took a pant pattern that I had, but I changed it so it would just have one pattern piece, therefore not messing with the stripes on the side. It was really easy, I just took the pattern pieces and combined them by drawing      up a new one, accounting for seam allowances, combining the front and back, creating just one. Then I cut two and sewed them together.


The shirt was drafted from a store bought tee of Quinn’s, then I drew where I wanted the furry shoulder pieces to go, traced that and added my seam allowances and voila!


I seriously want to eat this kid. All. The. Time.


Go check out what other people did for pr&p, there are always amazingly cute and inspirational little outfits!

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