New Summer Wardrobe?

I am totally into the idea of sewing myself up a summer wardrobe now that I’ve conquered my fears of selfish sewing :) So I was looking at different patterns online for sweet summer dresses and I found this Burda dress that I thought would be awesome. And it is only 6 bucks!


I set out to prepare for this dress today. Okay, that is a lie. I tried printing it out starting yesterday, but I just COULD NOT figure out how to print it properly with the exact scaling! I was getting all sorts of different sizes of the test square, wasted TONS of paper until I figured 1/8 of an inch off would just have to be fine. So today, I printed 50 pages, cut off the sides, then taped them together in a grid, then traced the pattern onto freezer paper. Was my job done? No. Burda does not add seam allowances, so I had to use my ruler and measure out 5/8 of an inch on every single pattern piece. THEN I cut them out. Let me tell you, adding your own seam allowances is a PAIN IN THE TUSH. I guess I’m spoiled having used independent patterns in the past?

Also the directions look abysmal! It is all just in words, no pictures (I’m a visual learner and have never made anything without something to have a picture reference to), and there are actual pattern pieces that I printed, traced and added seam allowances to that are NOT AT ALL shown in the diagram for where to cut! I can’t figure out where these are supposed to go! It seems like there are 2 options for a back piece? And there is one thing that I can’t for the life of me figure out where it is supposed to go… Maybe I’ll figure it out when I start making it! (hopefully)

Anyways, I’m still excited to try it because I’m in this total mode of wanting to learn new things. I’m pretty confused at this point, but I have total faith that I can figure it all out and make a gorgeous dress out of this pattern :)

Wish me luck!


This post was brought to you by:

Quinn taking two nice long naps, giving me ample time to be productive in my creative endeavors, and also by Annie’s Frozen Lasagna, giving me the extra time I would NOT have had if I actually had to cook something, which was amazingly given to me for free by Influenster. Let me tell you, it is friggen GOOD. And easy.

6 thoughts on “New Summer Wardrobe?

  1. I love this dress and definitely am going to give it a try as well. The difference is that I am going to make it from the same Burda range but pattern ‘Bib Blouse 04/2014 #119’ which is the same thing but with a longer skirt and the sleeves are longer too. I will crib the dress from the blouse pattern and get the best of both worlds! I love the gathering at the front and back which in summer will give a lovely floaty feel. I hope you will show us pictures when you are done.

    1. Oh my goodness you just made me discover what some of the pattern pieces are!! The dress pattern also comes with these long sleeves and 3 length options! Those sleeves were some of the mystery parts lol! I am ordering my fabric online today, hopefully I’ll get it soon!

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