Another Plantain Shirt!

  I told you I love this pattern, The Plantain Shirt by Deer and Doe.. I know I already talked and gushed all about this already, so I’ll just talk about my experience with *this* top.


You know how some stores you buy things from you feel super excited, thinking you just got some awesome quality type garment? That is what Jake thought when he bought this sweater from Banana Republic years ago. We never really understood why it didn’t look great on him, it just draped weird. Then it would stretch out sideways and get short and it just looked weird. That is how it ended up in the up-cycle bin.


Well I figured it out when I started to line up up to cut out this shirt! It was SOOO off grain!! When I tried to line it up on the grain, the bottom would be straightish and the top would be wayyy off, there was no way I could have actually cut a pattern piece from it. SO I made it a little better, but not perfect, and there was no way I could properly line up the stripes because of it. I really should have taken a picture of how ridiculous it was.


So as much as I LOVE the pattern, I *like* this shirt. It still has that weird stretchy non-recovery thing as fabric. I can’t pull it down to nurse even though there is room too because it will get all gape-y at the neckline. And apparently it is a little see- through (hello, polka-dot bra, not so nice to see you!). When I showed Jake I was like “Hey, remember this shirt?” He said “HEY I spent like $100 on that shirt!” Looks like we will both think twice before spending lots of money on stores we *thought* had great quality stuff. At least I have some skills to make something so expensive wearable!

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